By Miss Blairgowrie - 30/01/2013 07:52 - Australia - Fairfield

Today, I got my retainer fitted. It stimulates my gag reflex so badly that I gag every time I try so say anything with a 'P' in it. My orthodontist laughed and suggested I get a thesaurus. FML
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What an asshole. Sorry OP. Is there another word for OP?

The orthodontist isn't even that bad. He's trying to lighten the situation with a little humor. OP needs the retainer and the orthodontist can't control OP's gag reflex.

Actually they can remove more of the palette acrylic, so that it's not hitting the soft palette (which is what produces gags). As a certified removable retainer fabricator I've dealt with a lot of patients with sensitive gag reflexes. It's a simple fix that they shouldn't charge to do.

Another word for OP is: FML's Author. Are you satisfied with my answer #1? Glad I can help.

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Any practitioner who purposely proposes such preposturous things to their pain-filled patients should be pitifully punished.

Yea, I'd be p- *ungh*... I mean I would be rather angry.

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And personally, I feel rather proud to live in such a populous country full of pitifully punctual people that permeate the comments with such profanity.

Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

I don't think retainers are supposed to cause you this much discomfort.... Maybe get a second opinion? There are so many nice words with a "p"!

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Like pizza. Everybody loves pizza.

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Considering how often I use the word penis this would be a problem for me

You get used to it after a while. I've had three retainers and a palate widener from ages 6-18, and every one triggered a gag reflex at first, it really sucks (I'd just randomly gag), but after about a week, it settles in.

* don't say penis, don't say penis, don't say penis...* LIKE PENIS!

Why is it always the P that stimulates gag reflexes?

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A big P does, but not a little p. Just imagine each word spelled in lower-case and you'll be fine. What did you think I was talking about?

Peanuts. I can't stand the smell or taste of them, they make me wanna gag.

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#19, you mean Charlie Brown and Lucy and Linus? You might just be allergic to Snoopy's dander or Pig Pen's dust. Wah wah wah WAH wah wah wah.

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who wants to hold the football for me? and no yanking it!

I thought it was the D that normally stimulates the gag reflexes

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i have a feeling this entire thred is talking about weiners.

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Pleonasm gags on penis, ..., I mean peanuts. They kind of sound the same.

I thought it was the D that made them, not the p

Ok so make sure that you don't say "Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers" or else you might die...

Proper prior preparation prevents perpetual puking.

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You'll get used to it eventually. Unless you wanna just trim the part that causes you to gag

That sounds really painful. Maybe you could just trim the retainer instead.

93- I'm sorry, you either trolled me so hard it clipped my head as it went by, but I'm sure he meant the retainer (:

I knew what he meant but when I first read it I was also thinking about cutting off the part of your mouth that makes you gag (maybe I'm just a freak that way) so I decided to make a joke out of it.

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I'd say get a second opinion. Retainers aren't supposed to cause much discomfort.

Hope you don't need to say the word hippopotamus