By Anonymous - 14/10/2015 13:21 - United States - Smithville

Today, I went to my cousin's house. I left my bag on the couch as my aunt instructed, only for my cousin to take it and throw it into the swimming pool. My laptop, textbooks and notes were soaked. My exam is in a week, and my aunt won't punish her perfect little angel. FML
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Textbooks aren't cheap, nor are computers. If she wants to spoil the brat, she should have the funds to cover his damages....

Not to mention the stress caused by losing all your notes the week before the exam

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But the aunt sure is old enough to sue

Dose the matter how old the cousin is, if the aunt is refusing to punish them then she is taking full responsibility for her child's actions and should be made to pay the full cost of the damage done both physical and psychological.

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#50, even a four year old should know not to grab someone else's things, run outside with them & throw it in a pool. Especially if it's a heavy something like a backpack.

Obviously why would you sue a 7 year old the responsibility falls on the parent and OP's aunt deserves it for not teaching her child right from wrong

My 4 year old son would never think this is ok. And if he did I'd beat his ass

A 7 year old should know damn well not to throw a backpack into the pool..

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Beat his ass like he stole it

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Umm he's a little kid beat his ass

How do you know it's a he? Just wondering...

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Little angel wouldn't be a word I would use to describe your cousin. I have some more colorful vocabulary in mind.

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What a little shit. I would be so furious if that happened to me. That kid better be grateful he/she isn't mine. Would regret ever doing that under my roof. Bad parenting on the aunt for not doing anything about it

I was with you until that bit about kissing him on the lips.

#22, do you need an excuse for incest that badly?

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Your cousin only acts that way because your aunt allows it.

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Well they absolutely have to pay for your laptop, but notes are invaluable! Hope you can borrow from a friend, OP. Oh, and throw that little shit in the pool.

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Discipline him yourself, the brat deserves it anyway

So sorry OP! See if your friends could help you with getting study materials for your exam. Good luck!