By fuckMYlife94321 - 26/04/2009 16:21 - United States

Today, I was taking a nap while my mom was at work. I woke up when she came home and didn't think anything of it so I went back to sleep. When I woke up again, I went downstairs and our 52" plasma screen TV, my xbox 360, and $1500 computer were all stolen. I'm guessing that wasn't my mom. FML
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breenarae25 0

where's #2??


Your powers of observaton astound me.


you snooze you lose

If you're referring to him not being hurt, then yes he is lucky. But if you're referring to his items being stolen, not so much.

Thanks for the stuff.

TheUnnamedOne 0

lmao @ #2

breenarae25 0

where's #2??

grazynaanka 0

hahahaha #2.


Your powers of observaton astound me.

PaperxHearts_xox 0

Yeah; that's why you should really check to make sure that it was your mother. the crook was probably excited at such an easy need to tune your observation skills a bit.

lmao at #3 lmaoing at #2. sorry, i just wanted to continue the chain xD

sheldon2121 0

ouch lolol sorry dude

jorygirly 0

lmao at # 7 lmaoing at #3 lmaoing at #2. but in all honestly, way to observe your own house. at least turn on your alarm when your gonna go to sleep.

oh man, well on the bright side, you're untouched.

hwkfan1 10

my girlfriend isnt