By Sonotsuave - United States - Arlington
Today, I rushed home after my mom called saying our upstairs had flooded. Apparently, my little brother somehow broke the toilet while unsupervised and water overflowed everywhere. It even reached my closet, shoes, and books, and everything touching my floor in my room is now wet. FML
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By  alycion  |  38

While it sucks, you just learned an important life lesson. With a puppy or toddler in the house, keep everything you want safe in a high place. They are forces of destruction.

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

Ha mine keep getting posted and I don’t even notice. I’m the OP. Not that it’s important, but if you want the explanation, here it is:

It was a Saturday I believe, and I work a little like morning to noon Saturdays. Afterwards I had an appointment in the same building as my work and that’s when the call came.
My older brother, who was visiting for the weekend, was put in charge of watching my younger brother, and he’s notoriously bad at watching my younger brother when he’s in charge of him. As for my younger brother, he’s had a history of messing up this toilet 😂 we’ve replaced the handle like twice and he keeps clogging it and having us fix it. The mistake on my parents’ part was not to just replace it entirely already.

Anyway, he went to the bathroom supposedly and walked away not knowing it started to flood. He had a friend over apparently and went downstairs, and again because no one competent was there monitoring anything, they didn’t notice the water until it was too late. There was a massive leakage that ruined the hallway and seeped into our two rooms somehow before my older brother turned off the valve. Then I suppose my mom rushed home and called me when she was alerted because my room was affected the worst.

The reason my things were on the floor of my room is because I was getting ready to move them that same day over the weekend out of my room and put them in storage, and I am renovating my room so the plan was to get a new dresser with shelves for my clothing and books. The old dresser needed to be thrown out. That’s why things weren’t in their place at that particular moment.

Since the incident, obviously we cleaned out the bathroom like three times triple sanitized the hell out of it and managed to rewash all the laundry affected. The books dried and some had to be taken out; we ended up having the carpeting changed anyway it’s about time and I took the opportunity to redecorate so a good situation came out of a monumentally bad and irresponsible one 👍