By lottielondon - 04/05/2011 13:47 - United Kingdom

Today, my garage was flooded. Everything was ruined. My garage also happens to be my study, in which my entire art coursework was drying. My exam is tomorrow and all I have to hand in is a pile of mushy paper. FML
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sounds like modern art to me...

Explain to your professor that your garage got flooded, they will most likely allow you to have more time.


sounds like modern art to me...

hand it in and say "this is the culmination of commercialism. it represents the promises of Saturday morning cereal commercials, which have become soggy from sitting for too long"

iAmScrubs 19

say it's water colors

try to slowly stretch out the mushy paper and paint on that. now your art will have texture

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yupp ahaha ..

Better load up a bowl and get creative, it's gonna be a long night!

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What the hell is a study? Studio maybe? LOL what a failure.

shouldn't have had your art sitting on the ground

ImaWiseGuy 5

some would call that art in itself....

your art is the prettiest art, out of all the art

Explain to your professor that your garage got flooded, they will most likely allow you to have more time.

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She still can't get her original work back, and no matter how good it is the second time, I know personally I always remember the first time as better, even if it wasn't.

I agree, but in order to get her marks, it's her only choice.

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especially if you live in KY

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YDI for having a house and still being in skool

uhhh, what the hell? YDI for being in school and having a house? seriously? first of all, I assume he's in college... 2nd I thought "anyone above age of 20 still living with their parents" means "Nerd"... did the fashion change? kids these days, sigh.

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sorry, I had to, first time trolling ;P

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Oh that sucks. Your teacher will probably let you drop the class with no penalty. Just take it next year.

are you from shaker heights Ohio??????

Predental 5

I used to live there. are you?

ask for an extension?

perdix 29

C'mon. You have a full day -- make a papier mâché replica of Michelangelo's David with the mushy paper and cruise to an easy A. YWIA

Burn down your house, your teacher will believe you when you have a police report with you.

better yet, take photos of the house burning and turn those in. guaranteed A+.

ha but it's not a photography course

If the OP hands in a pile of soggy canvas and claims his house burned down, I'm pretty sure that'll raise more questions than it answers.

They were in a part of the house that survived but suffered massage water damage from the fire hoses being used to put out the fire.