By lottielondon - / Wednesday 4 May 2011 13:47 / United Kingdom
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  Jonkbaby  |  16

hand it in and say "this is the culmination of commercialism. it represents the promises of Saturday morning cereal commercials, which have become soggy from sitting for too long"

  CateXOX  |  0

She still can't get her original work back, and no matter how good it is the second time, I know personally I always remember the first time as better, even if it wasn't.

  Offensive_fml  |  4

uhhh, what the hell?
YDI for being in school and having a house? seriously?
first of all, I assume he's in college... 2nd I thought "anyone above age of 20 still living with their parents" means "Nerd"... did the fashion change? kids these days, sigh.

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