By TeaRex__
Today, a child complimented me by telling me that I look like a potato. The good kind of potato. FML
TeaRex__ tells us more :
Hi OP here, I don't know why it's showing me as male, I'm very much a female, a potato female apparently.. But I'll just add a bit more context to a very random situation, the kid who said it is one of my pupils (12 years old), she often says her random thought out loude, although this is one of the most random things she's ever said to me. She couldn't tell what kind of potato is the good kind, just that I looked like it. Some of the suggestions in the comments here is absolutely hilarious and great possible candidates for the good looking potato.
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  scottie96  |  1

Really did not expect to find a DW comment here XD
I snorted too much!
"If I'm ever in need of advice from a psychotic potato dwarf you'll be the first to know!" Ahh classic Eleventh. XD

By  LegitTorture  |  18

Potato chips have good shapes. The good ones lol