By lebanesewoman - 30/06/2009 16:17 - Hong Kong

Today, I went to my 7 year old son's school for a conference with his teacher. When I got there, the teacher said "she adored me for who and what I am". I was puzzled. Turns out my son told his class that I am a "lesbian American." Wrong. I'm Lebanese-American. FML
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RedRose 0

Hahahahahah! Wow. Do you think she was hitting on you?

Ohhh ....FYL. Thats a great mix-up :p


No idea how that's an FML, just a misunderstanding. It is funny though.

do some research douche bag. there are plenty of english speaking schools (and english speaking people) in hong kong.

I don't know of any Americans who have their sons in a Hong Kong school long enough to have a parent-teacher conference.

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IS there no such thing as a lesbian Lebanese-american???! JEEz you should b happy she finally admitted her sexuality even if it was to a whole class. YDI

international schools exist. many americans (even lebanese americans) send their children there, and there are several in hong kong.

ElMundio87 0

#39 Oh right, so because you don't know someone that does something, then noone must do it? Wow...

this is the internet, people from around the world can post.

Seriously, its true. I live in Hong Kong? Even though I am Aussie. And there is an American international school right next door to ours?! Honestly, how civilised are people these days.

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she never said there was anything wrong with being a lesbian, she was just saying her son was wrong..she's not a lesbian, she's lebanese.

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Where did she say that there was something wrong with being a lesbian? It was never implied. She was saying how the teacher /thought/ she was a lesbian, although she wasn't. P: OP-- that's actually really cute. (: haha, I love how people seem to think that FML isn't accessible in Hong Kong. Ignorance *shakes head* :P

Stop being a troll. You and I and lesbians know exactly what's wrong with it.

It was heavily implied that there's something wrong with being a lesbian. If there's nothing wrong with it, why is this an FML? Think about it. "My son told his class that I'm a Turkish-American". This would not get posted to this site, because it doesn't matter. Yet she thinks that "Lesbian-American" is some colossal screwup that is so shameful that it deserves the title of FML.

ejvlols 0

wow, "haha, I love how people seem to think that FML isn't accessible in Hong Kong. Ignorance" I guess someones a little full of themselves. you're the ignorant one. they're saying that it's fake not that it's not accessible.

Maybe she doesn't want others of the same sex hitting on her? Some people overreact from things that they mis-heard and start rumors, and you end up having very few friends.

Huh? I didn't realise that gay people get offended if people think they're straight. That's a bit unreasonable. I mean, gay people make up less than 10% of the adult population, so people are assumed to be straight unless it's suggested/proven otherwise. Anyway, there's no homophobia in this FML! Honestly, people used to be so critical and nasty towards homosexual people, and now we have almost the polar opposite of that where people are critical and nasty towards anything that could be remotely homophobic.

haha of course FML is accessible in Hong Kong, its a popular passtime of students in my school!

its not that there is something wrong with being a lesbian its the fact that people are now treating her different because they think she is a lesbian. she never implies or says there is something wrong with being a lesbian.

SomeRussianGirl 3

Nothing at all, I'm Bisexual and I Love it lol.

To those who think it was implied that there is something wrong with being a lesbian, consider this: sexual preference is a deep part of our personal identity. If you were mistaken for the opposite gender, would getting offended imply that there is something wrong with being the opposite gender?

RedRose 0

Hahahahahah! Wow. Do you think she was hitting on you?

That's what I thought too, almost sounds like the teacher is a lesbian American

I thought so too, just the way she worded it sounded kinda funky.

Hahahah #25's comment made my day. This is a really cute mixup, and at least he didn't talk about how you steal cable or something!

americayay 0

Not an FML at all, but "what" you are? It's a bit inappropriate that she would even bring it up to you, but I guess you're lucky she did so you could clear the air.

how can it be inappropiate when the son said it.. She was saying she respected it.

ohh dearr. btw. number three i dont think shes saying theres anything wrong with being a lesbian

No, she didn't exactly say that but she did say her life was ****** because someone thought she was a lesbian... I'm surprised that the teacher even made that comment. I would think that your sexual orientation is private and not really relevant to the conference anyway.

That's not the issue at all. I had a screenname in hs lebanesegurl... And it was easily mistaken. It's an Fml bc her son mixed up her background and it looks like the teacher is coming on to the parent. Lol.

YDI for talking that crap. "Lebanese-American" my ass! You are either one or the other. What would that make me, a Hungarian-German-Belgium-Norwegian-Dutchman?

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pwn't! OP: Cute kid you've got there. :)

What would you call a naturalized citizen who was born in Lebanon? If that is her situation, then it's appropriate.

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so teacher wants to play scissor sisters?

lmao :P the teacher trying to hit on her... xD