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Today, it was my first day at school in the United States. Being from France, my French accent is really strong. After being made fun of all day, I met someone from Montreal. I was so excited and said, "Parlez-vous Français?" And his response? "HUH?!" FML
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The way Quebecois people speak French is way different. Their dialect is way different. Very hard to understand.

je parle le français mais je ne parle pas bien:p. that's why I dropped it this year to take Latin :p I'm Canadian btw and even though the Quebec dialect is a bit different they can still understand most other dialects of French. so the guy you talked to probably didn't live there long or never tried to learn the language. also if you are in any grade higher than 7 most people should be able to speak a universal French seeing as how it's mandatory until grade 10 here.

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I read the this whole FML with a French accent :D.

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But French accents are so sexy, why would you be made fun of!?

Must be OP's new high school/college, but it sounds more like a high school situation. I digress. When I went to high school, the foreign kids were by far the coolest ones! And the same went for when I went to college. So I dunno what all those people's problems were, probably just Minnesota in general.

^Not the Indians...we get made fun of all the time in high school :(

I live in Alberta, took one class in grade 5. Certainly not mandatory.

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Yeah foreign kids are the cool ones, there was a German exchange girl in our school and everyone loved her... although for guys it could have been because she had big boobs...

Yeaaa. Most people from Montreal speak french to annoy tourists. XD

Depends on where you live. It was only manditory for me until grade 9, and I didn't start it until grade 4. It was predominantly grammar based until I got to grade 9, upon which I became terribly confused. I had never in my life heard French spoken so quickly or so often, and I had absolutely no clue what my teacher was saying, ever. Despite having excellent pronunciation and grammar, the listening aspect of the language frustrated me so much that I dropped French. These days, I can barely say more than, "Hello, my name is ________. What is your name? How old are you? I am 24 years old"... I know some isolated verbs and how to conjugate them (Etienne was my french teacher in grade 7, I did a lot of singing about how to conjugate)... But asking me to form sentences is out of the question.

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they put there location as minnesota-united states this is complety made up its all fake

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Joke's on you! French people don't capatalize "français". I don't think he's really French!

French accents are hot so youll have tons of obese americans who are bad at math and science crwaling all over you. BTW BEFORE ANYONE STARTS BITCHING THAT WAS SARCASM.

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I'm sorry and would like to apologize on behalf of my country for the immature assholes that are making fun of you. I would also like to take the time to thank you for speaking English as it is the language of the country and also thank you for not demanding to be taught in French . if only more immigrants would follow your example

3 - It's not that different. It's akin to Canadian English and British English. They can easily understand each other. I learned French my whole life and have lived in Québec. Standard French (France) is generally easier to understand because they speak slower and the accent is "cleaner". Québec French is older (missed a lot of the modernisation in France because of the distance and wars in North America). They also speaker faster and slur their words more. There is some vocabulary differences too due to aboriginal words and just different environment. Then you have Acadien French which is sometimes referred to as The King's French because it's even older and missed almost all of the modernisation/standardisation. For ex. you will sometimes hear "ils mangeont" instead of "ils mangent". It's cool learning the differences though.

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ik wat that means thanks to jesse mccartney(;

I'm in high school and the exchange students are by far the most popular.

Had to take it from 5-6 in Alberta. Quit in gr.6.

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Oh come on. I'm from Minnesota and we're not all like that. We love foreign exchange students at my school. I'm sorry OP. I wonder which school that was.

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*aboot. Pronounce it the Canadian way next time.

Actually, everyone in Canada learns French... French, or an altered version of it, is spoken all the time in Quebec.

I love living in canada, all of it's great stereotypes, eh. ~

I love living in canada, all of it's great stereotypes, eh. ~

I love living in canada, all of it's great stereotypes, eh. ~

I love living in canada, all of it's great stereotypes, eh. ~

This whole ''eh?'' and ''aboot'' thing is getting really old. We don't speak like that in Canada, nor do we live in igloos or woods cabins. And btw, there's a lot of people in Montréal who only speak english. Sometimes I just wish Americans would learn about the world instead of repeating the same lame jokes they heard on TV a decade ago... Oh and yeah, I'm French Canadian and I've never lived in Québec.

^ yeah, but you do have awesome bacon.

not even close my friend, i am a quebecois and have been to 6 other provinces , the only french other provinces know , is what i learnt in kindergarden, canada is english ehhh

Don't get your panties all up in a bunch and learn to take a joke.

Canada is NOT English. Just because they can't speak the language as well as we can in Quebec, doesn't mean they don't learn it or can't speak it. They have a strong English accent. Get over it. Just because they aren't FORCED to speak it like we are, doesn't mean they can't.

And yes there are people in Montreal who only speak English. But I'm not gonna lie I think they're ******* idiots. All our signs are in French most of the people speak French, you have French classes from kindergarten to college so if you've lived in mtl your entire life and can't speak French, well then there's something wrong with you. A lot of the people who can't speak French haven't lived in mtl all their lives.

85 Hey asshat, it's not just America that has stereotypes. Sometimes I just wish that Canadians would learn more about the world instead of repeating the same lame jokes they heard on TV a decade ago...if they had any. You guys live in igloos, right?

The northerners do the southerners live in log cabins and work as lumberjacks :p no accualy tho some of the stereotypes are true tho we are friendly and some of us do say eh alot also I'm neither French nor from Quebec mais je peu parle francais parceque cest partie de l'ecole dans l'ontario

Actually, I live close to mtl and my school is there and I was reading in the newspaper this morning that French speaking ppl will be a minority soon because of all the immigration. So fyl op I know it's rly shitty :S

shybear15 0

#85... DAMN lol you're all in your feelins. Every place has stereotypes. I have heard people call Americans fat and lazy, but I know more thin people than i do "fat" everybody just loves playing around with stereotypes, jus chill. It's okayy:)

enonymous 8

Yea all dem stereotyping people are a bunch of hosers eh? Let's all go to the Tom Hortons and show dem what Canada is all aboot eh?

159 its tim hortons get it right eh Now im gonna go shoot moose and play hocky with my buddies at my igloo

I say eh about a hundred times a day. Aboot should actualy be aboat. I know people from Nova Scotia (I'm from PEI) that say: moase, hoase, and aboat for mouse, house, and about respectively. They aren't hicks either. Weird.

# 108 I agree thought I dint live in Quebec and I speak really good French well I'm franco-ontarienne

Your stupid, Canadians saying eh at the end of each sentence is a stereotype.

Actually no, you only Lear French in Canada if you take a french class/course

Dude just stfu before you really embarrass yourself lol

love2laughyou 2

You're an idiot. Com Tlancy? OK Tom, if you're Canadian stfu YOU. If you are American stfu. We suck too

Its not all americans asshole, canadians ALSO stereo type people and other nations. Including yourself **** tart. :)

237- why? Because you're one of the idiots who have lived in Quebec all their lives and can't speak French? Of course that makes ME a dumbass

Actually it's mandatory to take French classes from grade 5 to grade 9. After that it's optional. I'm ashamed to say that I day dreamed a lot in French class. I wish I could go back and learn the basics all over again.

that's just a really stupid stereotype. i'm from montreal, it's nothing like that

This is all sad, joke or not. Just stfu about both countries. (USA and Canada)

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ok... i' not crying or getting angry at all... I just want to get some things clear. In canada, people who live in the Western provinces speak english. without any accent. In Quebec, we don't speak an altered version of French. Actually, our "version" is closer to the old one... For everyone's information, France modified it's french a couple of decades ago. So you people from France speak the altered version. sorry to tell you. Next thing: we don't live in igloos nor wooden whatevers. we have real houses like you americans. Also : Yes our bacon is awesome and yes we (most of us) love to put maple syrup on everything BUT only in sugar shacks (restaurants where everything is about maple and meat). Otherwise, we don't put syrup on everything.

euh ferme ton estie de geule psq toi t un americain de merde !!!! no people from montreal arent canadien they are quebecers ! hello sepratist :D

Hah, I'm from Canada and normally I would be offended but that's just funny :)

That's not true. I'm from Alberta, my French is rudimentary at best. Even in Montreal, most people speak English exclusively. (although they will never admit it)

No, but being from Montreal they should speak French FLUENTLY.

physicist48 0

In French Canada it's a safe assumption that they are bi-lingual or close to it. Besides, he should know what parlez-vous francais means.

Esti Christ Tabarnak! Yeah that's right I'm a Quebequeer! J'vens du Québec pis tout le monde parle français là!

What are you saying? I'm from Montreal and not everyone I know speaks French. How about you actully travel for once over here and see for yourself.

KrazyKatz3 26

Well there goes the stereotype. Guys Canadians aren't all nice.

I just saw you're from montreal and you of all people should should know that.

No, but all Canadians should have taken enough basic French lessons in school to at least understand a basic phrase like, "do you speak French?"

Yes, but it is taught in all Canadian schools, so everyone knows a little, and being from Montreal it is pretty rare for someone there not to speak French

August42 10

That's not true, I'm Canadian and French has never even been an option for a class in my school.

If you live in Montreal, you should speak French! You live in a province that barely tolerates the English language. You learn French every year in school. There is no reason to not be able to speak BASIC French

Most people will find your accent attractive.

Lennes 12

Yup. A new British girl moved to my school. We just love foreign accents. :D

Not Indian tho. And idk why but Australian on some people annoys me. But European accents are cool :)

Indian accents are funny two of my best friends are indian

tsim_fml 0

classic first day of school, happens to the best of us.

actually being from Montreal myself, most of us do speak english .. it's to the point where the French are getting so angry that they're trying to make it more French like stupid laws that when you are working in a store you have to say bonjour first otherwise your store can get a ticket if you do it to an undercover person who works for the government. (:

Seriously, that's normal. We're in a french province. What are you doing In Quebec if you don't speak french, we learned your language, make a little effort to learn french.

Ummm, I think that you should speak English. The French speakers can speak French, but isn't the official language of Canada English?

French is also an official language in Canada, but to be honest it would be a lot easier if it wasn't even spoken, it just creates an unnecessary language barrier that does more damage than anything else.

What are we doing in Quebec? Appreciating your cool culture, beautiful cities and delicious food. Now stop being a b*, you attract more people with honey than with vinegar - if you want people to learn French, stop being obnoxious about it!

I dont get what the big deal is... Learning 2 languages is not that hard. Quit being lazy..

I dont get what the big deal is... Learning 2 languages is not that hard. Quit being lazy..

I dont get what the big deal is... Learning 2 languages is not that hard. Quit being lazy..

I dont get what the big deal is... Learning 2 languages is not that hard. Quit being lazy..

FYI, the language barrier is created by all the moron english people who refuse to learn french or are too stupid to do so.

Hey, Veindetta: FYI, the language barrier is created by all of the moron French people who refuse to learn English or who are too stupid to do so. See, it works both ways.

ReynshineCutting 10

Weren't the first Canadians French? So the first language in Canada was French? Now I don't know about this or not, but was the Canadian government created by French speakers? IMO, if that's the case, people should learn French if they're going to move there. Just like in America. If someone from another country is going to move here, learn ******* English. You can keep your culture and heritage and whatever and speak your native language at home, but in public learn ******* English instead of expecting us to translate everything into 27 different languages for you. If I moved to Germany for example, I wouldn't expect everyone there to know English or to have signs in English just for me. I'd learn German.

Most European countries teach English along with the countries native language these days since English is the national language of more countries then any other

God bless America with our freedom of speech, how does the rest of the world manage?

ReynshineCutting, no the first people in Canada were the First Nations, and they speak mostly Ojibwe and Cree.

#123 - The first Canadians (not counting the First Nations) were French, but the British took over and tried to eliminate the French culture by encouraging the members of the 13 colonies (the US) to move to Canada. The British did this by taking away the rights of people in the colonies, until they got fed up and started a war of independence, becoming the United States of America. Some Americans, however, were still loyal to Britain, so they moved north to what is now Canada.

WOW rude french is what makes quebec what it is... i dont mind about english people. but don't start ******** on us... youre the one destroying our culture

Then there's this stupid law; if you're an immigrant and you're under 16, you are FORCED to go to a French school. Screw this, if Canada was all "peace, freedom and equality", we wouldn't be forced to speak a specific language. Too bad if French disappears from Quebec, that's life, it'll disappear eventually anyway. The reality is; English is spoken everywhere, and those stupid Quebecers who refuse to learn it, too bad for them, they can't go out Quebec. I hate this.. FML.

Yeah, way to stereotype. We're not all like that. I've been to the south, and I've been in many northern states as well, and I find they're pretty well the same. Your experiences do not dictate everyone else's. Dis your own country all you want, but don't dis mine. We're nothing like you say, and where I live at least, it's about the same temperature as some middle states (i.e. Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky). Apparently the States are too cold as well then!

166 Your history is so inaccurate, please think before you speak out your ass again.

HappyCynic 0

222- Exactly my thought as well.

166 the ones that were loyal moved to Ontario.

Canada has TWO official languages genius.

Then why the **** don't you move out.

well that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Most of Canada speaks English unless u go more north u can use French

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I have a hard time believing you were born in 69.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That was actually for 10, the app messed this up. I noticed after I clicked reply that it was instead showing your comment above the type box, so I went back and made sure I was replying to 10. But it still didn't go there. Well shit.

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what were you thinking when you decided to come to school here, this is the USA we speak English or Spanish here. you should have gone to Canadia

Sandgrl 3

Actually, the language in the USA is just English, not Spanish, that's from the immigrants. And obviously, you're not very good at speaking YOUR language, since it's Canada, not Canadia. Furthermore, she said her accent is very strong, not that she doesn't speak English at all. Don't you feel silly?

slushpup9696 12

He doesn't feel silly yet because he's still deciphering the word, "furthermore".

I'm going to give MfailK the benefit of the doubt and chock this up to sarcasm being difficult to detect via text alone... Mostly because (at least) in New England, "Canadia" is sort of a way to jokingly refer to Canada

Tookie22 5

20. To your actually.... The U.S doest have an official language. So it's not "just" english. Obviously, you're retarded. OP, accents are sexy.

since when do we have an official language?! I would've heard about it on the news.....or you could just not know what the **** you are talking about.

Ha, we have an official language? Why wasn't I told?

babyd0ll11 2

We have no national language asshole

ReynshineCutting 10

Some politicians have been trying to make English the official language forever but others don't want to "hurt people's feelings". We live in America. Our constitution is written in English. All our laws are written in English. Our government officials talk to us in English. If you're going to live here, learn ******* English.

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We don't have a ******* official language if we had then we wouldn't have multiple language choices on every single service line I know we could have many languages but we don't. Also here he typed canadia he might have missed the "n" on Canadian

DreBeezy 9

Your average everyday troll here

#10: I wonder how many languages you speak. Since you are so welcoming I bet you have no idea what it means being in a different country with a different accent. Actually I bet you never left the US in your entire life

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It's tough living in a country whose national language is different than yours. I came to America knowing only "Hi", but within a year I was fluent. The key to that is avoiding people who speak your language, regardless of how isolated you feel. Communicating exclusively with people speaking the language you're trying to learn forces you to learn it faster. If you're too often around people you can speak French with, it'll be a tough road to fluency.

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just curious, what's your native language?

I commend you for your determination... It shows respect for our country.

Same thing happened to me but I'm russian ;D have fun

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