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Today, I woke up to my boyfriend throwing my birth control box at me and shouting that I was a slut for cheating on him since we never had sex. I attempted to explain the birth control was for a condition I have that causes my period to be non-existent. He didn't believe me. FML
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Your boyfriend is a pure idiot. The pill is used for many many different things besides actually stopping you from being pregnant. I take it because I get incredible back pain, some people take it because they have bad acne and it controls it, you can take it just because you dont want your period and theres many other medical reasons. Get rid of the douche bag he clearly knows nothing.

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I wouldn't call him a pure idiot.. this really stems from the fact they didn't talk about this.. if there is anyone she should have been able to talk to it should be her boyfriend.. most men have no idea that birth control is used for other things(90% wouldn't care either as long as they don't gotta use a rubber).. my girl takes birth control to regulate her periods and shorten the duration however if she didn't tell me this and I just found them.. my mind wouldn't have ever guessed it could be anything other then for sex.. if you had a boyfriend and found some unwrapped condom wrappers you would think he cheated on you.. however he could have used them for practice(ie on a banana or himself) as they say in to do in sex-ed.. so just cause you personally know what it can be used for doesn't mean everyone else does especially someone who has absolutely no reason to ever know UNLESS there girlfriend told them.. I give this a fml for him not trusting you but a ydi for not telling him be for you got them.. communication is key in a relationship and you failed at that sorry to say.. better luck next time

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"...but a ydi for not telling him be for you got them..." For all you know, they've been together less than a month. Jeeze, I don't go telling people all my medical conditions on the first date, and I may not even think about it until something happens that causes me to go, "Oh yeah, I have RLS, so I totally know what you're talking about."

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Hey, yeah! You are right #171!

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i seriously hate when people reply to the first comment just to be at the top. Its retarded and stupid -_-" But this comment is 100% related to your comment. OP: That sucks :/ Your bf is an idiot.

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UR A F*CKING WIMP FOR TAKING BIRTH CONTROL TO STOP UR PERIOD??! geez u cant f*ing handle it once a month. YDI!! dont u no that ***** got some nasty side effects

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to everyone saying she should break up with him because he knows little about it, what if he actually does know that birth control is used for other things but didn't know she was taking it for medical reasons? what if he had little sleep and just saw the box and came to the first thing that poped to his mind, which isn't an unreasonable conculsion to jump to? what if he came from one of those controlling sheltering families where the only sex-ed he had was through experience? and i agree with some people, how do we know how long they've been going out? the OP may not have wanted to tell him her medical conditions, or he may have told her he doesn't want to know about the medications she's taking, maybe they just moved in together and he didn't know till now to the OP-if you guys are still together sit him down and talk to him, tell him that you care about him and his feelings and that you wouldn't cheat on him, and that you're sorry you didn't tell him for whatever reason and that you feel really bad about it and that you were wrong about not telling him

#223-Some women get really intense pain during their period. I personally don't but I do know some that do and it is not fun and sometimes it gets so bad that they need to take something. Just like you would for a headache or stomachache etc.

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I don't think he's an idiot. Well, except for him calling you a ****. You shoulda told him in the first place. But I would just let him cool off, then try talking to him (:

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#223, according to your text is "likely to be stupid". Please stop being stupid.

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She's not taking birth control to make her period non-existent--her condition causes her periods to be non-existent.

#238, according to the same website your post is also "likely to be stupid." Nice job.

Maybe give rereading the comment a try. She said that she has a disorder that causes her to NOT have periods! This will help reverse that! Good God.

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I absolutely agree with # 156. He is an idiot! And for you young, ignorant, stupid people.. who cares who is at the top or bottom.. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!! And your boyfriend should have totally asked you about it before "throwing it at you"... DUMP HIM! Birth Control Pills are not only used for birth control, they have many other benefits as well. I take it because I have horrible, painful periods and love how my period could be very light to NON-EXISTENT(for you people who think she said that she wants to start her period) as well. Good luck with everything! And yes fyl. lol

who cares... besides, i dont know about anyone else, but i sure as hell dont read ALLLLL the comments and i always go right to the bottom...

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#197, you raise a good point, but if he's able to be in her house while she's asleep, you'd think that she'd have explained it to him by that point, or they'd have some more sinister reasons to be breaking up.

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hey genius, she said that she takes it because she DOESNT get her period, learn to read

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that was supposed to be at #233

She told him and he didn't believe her though, maybe he shouldn't have been searching through her things.

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I agree. Let's all thumb down 156's non-related comment for being an attention *****.

@ #223: You should respect women who decide to stop their periods. Not everyone wants to deal with periods. Pads are uncomfortable, not everyone can wear tampons, and nobody likes it when a 'leak' happens and either ruin some clothing or causes an embarrassing situation. You also seem to have misconceptions about what happens when you take birth control continuously to stop menstruating. Although it hasn't been stringently tested, there aren't really any negative side effects, the only significant one that has been noticed is spotting at times other than your scheduled period.

she did deserve it, fornot having sex with him.

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wow.. your retarded. it depends on what kind of birth control you use considering side effects. and shes not a wimp. i have the same problem and have to take birth control. a period once a month is not bad when you have them 2-3 times a month. yeah thats bad. you shut up dumbass

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#223 (MasterModeraor): You ******* idiot. You are obviously a man, and you have absolutely no idea what it is like. If you had to go through some of the pain that women with conditions like endometriosis have, you would probably bawl your ******* eyes out. You pathetic excuse for a human.

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@#223: you're probably some little ten-year-old that doesn't even have her period yet, so shut the hell up. how would you feel dealing with cramps, bloating, changing a pad/tampon every 3 ******* hours, having to buy new underwear all the time, etc? that's just some of the pain that comes with a monthly period. i got my period at a young age. since i turned 11, i've had long, horrible periods. basically, i lost a bit of blood because of my menstural cycle and got anemia. now i have to take a large iron pill every two days, although i used to have to take it daily. so, #223, shut your piehole and learn a thing or two about menstruation before you start bitching about it. two words: **** and YOU.

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birth control pills do have side effects but did you ever stop and think that maybe it is safer for her to take the pills she never said what her condition was it could be life threatening my friend is like that... so next time you fly off the handle like that do some research!

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lol I no rite I red one of them for like 5 Mins straight

Honestly? You know nothing. Taking birth control pills to stop bleeding is not "wimpy". I bleed two-three times a month, accompanied with pain that leaves me screaming often for hours on end and anemia which makes me faint/have seizures. Taking birth control pills for a medical condition is anything but wimpy and you are a complete and utter idiot to see it that way.

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it's not all of the medical conditions it's just one thing. it wouldn't be too hard to bring it up.

no she's not a wimp she most likely has pcos it's a syndrome that causes you not to have your period. she wAs using the birth control pills to regulate her period.

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I told my boyfriend about my health condition right away...I have MS and I needed to know that it was on the table.

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#223 honestly your an idiot. I got my period two times every moths with intense pain that made me stay home, cry, and lay in the feadle position all day. I had to go on BC beacauae of it too. I lost a lot of blood from it and got really sick and now I'm also on Iron pills so I get healthier. Up yours 223!

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Um... I got mine once every 1-5 months at a time. When it came, it would be so painful, I had to leave school. I would throw up, I would have a fever and I would not stop bleeding for about three weeks. I take the pill to regulate that. I have a really clear face now, and my breasts are one size bigger, and my doctor doesn't advise it for birth control. Don't judge people. You don't know what she went through before.

299- it's not all about sex. If she doesn't want to have sex or vice versa, he should understand. You ******* idiot.

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You realize that your statement implies that boys are expected to be naughty or cause trouble, therefore we as 'boys' should be treated with less respect? No? Oh well. The more you know!

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You should probably dump the asshole.

Exactly! What an idiot. Plenty of girls are on the pill who have NEVER had sex. I went on it originally to control acne.

Thirded. Your boyfriend is an idiot and a jackass.

Fourthed. That guy sounds like a total jerk. OP - Seriously, unless he has some redeeming qualities, and I mean good ones, dump him. He obviously has trust issues if he automatically assumes you are cheating because of birth control pills.

Yeah, dump him. He's a douchebag. He sounds really controlling and probably has anger issues. Besides that, why wouldn't he believe you? Good relationships are founded on trust and respect, and you're not getting either from this guy.

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agree. he might not be a jerk, but if he can't trust you with that then it wouldn't have lasted anyway.

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Right. Trust issues+ guys with better understanding of how our bodies work tend to be better in bed.

You all fail, a simple explanation or communication would have completly avoided the situation in the first place. Sure he should trust the OP more but if she explained she has to take birth control for other reasons he would not over-react. I know this because my girlfriend had to take it as well, she however explained the situation before any problems arose

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So... She just doesn't tell him about her condition and HE'S the idiot and asshole? I say that she should be a little more communitive.

She did explain he just didn't believe her.

I went on it originally for PCOS, which is likely what OP has

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lol, u think it's healthy not to have ur period? if she wants children eventually, than a period is necessary.

Actually, no, it's not medically necessary to have a period. You can go three months at a time without having to deal with it, and not suffer any health risks at all.

Not when your body is the reason you're not having it. Plus it's painful, messes with your hormones, which controls weight, body hair, etc...

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I have the same or a similiar condition. And once you get your period, it is extremely HEAVY and lasts for several weeks. It's unhealthy NOT to have your period... if you were in mine and the OP's shoes, you would get it.

It's also unhealthy to bleed for two months straight. I would know.

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Eww... I'm also like OP. I took those damn pills for 2 weeks straight at a certain time and chucked them. If I missed by as much as an hr, I had to start the whole regimen again. I haven't had a period since I was 17 and not really looking forward to it which is why I threw out the pills. It may be why my weight always fluctuates and why I have had migraines since teenage yrs but I'd take them over a period and being dragged from one neurosurgeon/HRT specialist to another. When you start spending about 4,000$ every 2 yrs for CAT scans and the whole work up, it puts things into perspective

I know, right? I take MY birth control pill so I only have 1 period a year!

For once, I want mine to come. It's about two weeks late and I feel like shit (at least I've got nothing to worry about)

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You don't NEED your period. When women are on Depo, or "the shot," they typically don't get their period for however long they're on that birth control treatment for. There's nothing medically necessary about shedding your uterine lining every month, or even every few months. What IS necessary to have children is ovulation, and being about to produce that lining inside of your uterus so that implantation can occur. Often very athletic women don't get their periods (and for other reasons) and sometimes being on birth control for a while helps tell her body, "hey, this is what you should be doing." OP, you b/f's not just a douche but an ignorant prick. If he had any common sense he'd know what you were talking about.

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Your comment just proved that it is medically necessary to have your period - if it wasn't necessary you wouldn't get problems after three months - you could go your entire life without it I've been on the pill for polcystic ovarian syndrome and more recently to control seizures. I've gotten some nasty comments from people when I was trying to find a doctor to prescribe them for the seizure control. Things like "you should be focused on getting healthy and not having sex and getting pregnant." I haven't had sex in nearly 10 years and don't plan on ever having it again. I could care less about preventing pregnancy - even if I were having sex, I'm infertile so I wouldn't need the pill to keep from worrying about pregnancy.

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No you don't. The man that created the pill was Catholic, so he designed an "off week" hoping that the church would be more accepting of it. Also, there are thousands of women that don't get their period for myriad reasons. No woman "needs" it, unless they really want to get pregnant.

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Lmao, I agree xD I'd kill to not have my period. but you don't suffer any medical consequences by not having your period every night. you've never seen that commercial for the pill that makes you only have 4 periods per year? lol :P OP-- your boyfriend's a dipshit x_x

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ummm, #150, you DON'T get problems after 3 months. Where did anyone say that? Apart from the guy who created it being Catholic, he thought a lot of women would get freaked out or think there's something wrong if they didn't have their periods like normal. Especially since it's a sure way to know you're not pregnant. As I said, women who are on Depo don't get their periods and don't have problems. Learn to read.

I don't know about the medical necessity of having periods, but women on Depo can and do develop health problems. Sounds great, get the shot, no periods, blah blah. Wrong. Worst health mistake of my life thus far.

no you don't need your period, i have enodomitriosis and having my period is very very painful and if it continues if can permanantly damage my reproductive organs, and therefore making it so i can not have kids when i want to. I don't get my period on the pill, my gyno told me i don't need to

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Is there a name for bleeding for two months straight? I did once.

in my case I can go five months to 15 without cycling if I don't take a pill, my ob-gyn told me that it wasn't healthy and in fact could factor into uterine cancer if I didn't cycle more normally. So I take a low estrogen pill (due to migraines and my bi-polar disorder I can't take anything too high in hormones) to cause me to do the monthly bleed thing. You can get away with cycling four times a year. Although people with endomitriosis (which causes the uterine lining to develop in places other than the uterus and is extremely painful) may be better served eliminating it all together.

OMG I can't believe I created an account because people are so stupid. If you are taking a pill to regulate your bodies hormones, then no, you don't have to have a period. Your hormones are normal..because the pill keeps them that way. There are some studies that suggest skipping your period for long periods of time can lead to infertility and I don't even want to get into all the implications of hormone therapy. BUT! If your body can't regulate it's own hormones to the point where you aren't having a period it can be VERY BAD for your health. Young people who don't have a period can suffer consequences such as premature menopause and osteoporosis, not to mention problems in growth and development. Now that she's on the pill...her hormones are normal. She could even skip her period if she wanted long as her hormone levels remain acceptable. Okay that said, here's what I want to know: She said "I woke up to..." Was she sleeping over at his house? Do they live together? Why have they never had sex?

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Or maybe she can upgrade to someone smarter...or more aware...or less dramatic. How is she a "selfish idiot" for not having sex with him? She never even said how long they've been going out...

Also agree. Periods are horrible. But your boyfriend was rude to overreact. He should have asked you like a civilized human being.

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I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and having it is way worse than getting a period once a month. Before it was under control from birth control pills it made me gain a ton of weight, made my hair dry and brittle, made me grow a lot of body hair and made my voice deeper. It was like becoming a man, it sucked. I also have arthritis in my fingers and hips because of it. I'd rather have my period than go through all that shit again.

Yeah, what "an pain" "Tham" men sure are idiots. You retard.

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you need a period to be pregnant. my gf is doing the same. on it so we can one day have a kid....maybe she wants one down the road. the longer you go without one the less chance of ever having onr

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I too am like the OP. I don't think anyone in particular wants their period, but people with these kinds of medical conditions have something wrong. Personally not using a pill for me could result in Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and a huge chance of cancer. So do I want my period? No, but I can deal.

It's quite awful on the rare occasion that you do get it... I have pretty much the same issue

I know my best friend takes birth control just to regulate her hormones, and she is nowhere near sexually active. It just helps her. Me, on the other hand, very rarely get a period anymore due to malnutrition a couple years back. People can skip out on menustrating for a vast variety of reasons, and for some, birth control helps. Your boyfriend should've been more respectful about the whole ordeal. Sorry, OP.

Emma Marshall 19

Yes and no. We don't know how old their relationship is, it could have easily not come up. The pill is not something that is at the forefront of your mind if you're not taking it to control birth.

lmmmr 0

If they are not having sex, it is none of his business.

americayay 0

Why tell him? It's non of his business what medication she takes. The only way it would've been was if it had been in preparation for sex, which CLEARLY is what he would've assumed and she probably didn't want him to think she wanted to have sex yet. Since this is medical, if she takes some ibuprofen, does she have to tell him about that too?

It's a medical condition and none of his business. Maybe they haven't been together long enough for her to feel comfortable telling him about her health issues.

I might add, I thought guys didn't want to hear about that stuff...

SusanaSaysRawrxD 0

Guys don't want to hear about contraception practices? So, we shouldn't tell you guys that we're on the pill, or that we want to use condoms?

No, that's not what they meant at all. She meant that she thought guys didn't want to hear details about our periods...when we're getting them, if we're having problems with them, if it's too heavy or light or causes bloating, etc...try discussing it in front of a guy. They get really awkward. Actually, even better, watch their reaction to a sealed, sterile tampon in any context. Most would rather not know any more about the matter than what directly pertains to them: 'I have my period right now,' or 'I haven't had a period since that one time we had sex. So, um, yeah...'

She could be really embarrassed about it... Plus, you don't know how intimate and how open they are to each other...

Just because you're taking birth control doesn't mean you've done anything with another guy, even if you didn't have a medical reason for taking them. I know people who even put their teenage girls on the pill as soon as they enter high school. I wouldn't recommend it, but it happens! FYL.

I don't understand how being on BC makes people think you're having sex. I was on it for 3 years before I had sex to treat severe pms symptoms.

He's an idiot. There are multiple conditions that you have to take birth control to manage.

It is just a knee jerk reaction. Give it time and he will be more open to your explainantion. If he does not, well **** him.

lmmmr 0

Thats the most ridiculous knee jerk reaction I have ever heard of.

There's an old saying: When you hear hoofs, think horses, not zebras. I'm not saying he should have flown off the handle, but he didn't reach an unreasonable conclusion when he saw the pills. They're not called BIRTH CONTRL PILLS for no reason. Again, he might be faulted for his response, but not his conclusion. I bet her father would be willing to explain the situation ;-)

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"Well **** him" is probably the worst phrase you could have used there. lmao.

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Ugh, he's stupid- dump him and find a new one.