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At this point, it doesn't really matter what I say, everything is going to get downthumbed anyway. ... Gorgonzola!

Did the class ask are you his mother or his Farter?


You suck at spelling

...Thats the only thing he sucks at?

I would have piped him upside the head

I hope you don't have children

in all seriousness though, where's the discipline? my parents would never have accepted that sh*t. I'm not talking beating or anything, but your kid needs to be schooled into some respect.

Brace yourself, gas jokes are coming your way.

*coming in your general direction.

I wonder who the cloud will hit first?

Seems more an answer a 5 year old would deliver than a 10 year old. Hopefully your students are at least half-decent enough to not let this embarrassing moment haunt you.

Honestly, I wouldn't put this statement past a 30 year old man

I mean poped not piped

No, I think you mean "popped."

I certainly hope so. It's never okay to Pope little boys...

What a lovely kid u have there. Full of manners.

well he's just 10 forgive him children and drunk people always tell the truth

Really? My 7 years old niece sure lies like a psychopath.

"Well class, for show and tell today we will learn about adoption. I even have props". That will teach him.

No, that's just cruel and a ridiculous overreaction to something so trivial.

This is the part where you tell him "don't make me get my belt". If he keeps mouthing off, go get it, bring him to the ground, put your foot on his back, and raise your wrestling belt high for the class to see!

your childhood must have been horrible

It's actually a meme

More like a popular web comic than a meme...

Think about his children's childhoods.

Cool kid. Great sense of humour!