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Today, I got a call from my son's second grade teacher. He happens to write and throw with both hands, and wanted to share this during show and tell. Apparently, he didn't know the word for this is ambidextrous, because his teacher told me, "Your son just told the whole class that he's bisexual!" FML
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Ha, I'm sure they have no idea what that means. But hey, there isn't really anything wrong with being bisexual.

Haha, I am too, but I told everyone I was an air conditioner instead of ambidextrous when I was young


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He's not bisexual. He thought that was the word for 'ambidextrous'. Silly boy. x) Not really a FYL though... more like FHL.

How is that a FHL? Being bi-sexual is nothing wrong, and he probably didn't even know what it meant. I don't see how this is a FML at all, maybe a LOL moment, but no FML worthy....

It's an FML because he had to hear it from somewhere... I'd say the OP.

I never thought of it that way in particular. The kid could've heard it in any context.

Chill 124, the OP is not being homophobic... And it is kinda a FML because its embarrasing to the OP that her child said that aloud in a child's classroom, a young age to be exposed to that reality. Whatever kinda lame but good for a short laugh

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to a even remotley tolerate person yes theres nothing wrong with it but if the kids remember this they WILL make fun of him

That is awesome that he is ambidextrous!!! GO AMBIES!!! Hehe :P and that is pretty damn funny that he said bisexual. lol.

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It looks like you're gay with that pic...

FHL means in the FML **** his life,for saying he's bisexual instead of ambidextrous.

Hahaha ooh dear :( sad to say though, i probably wouldve made the same mistake. how on earth could anyone blame a kid for not being able to pronounce a word even I (a 17 yr old) cant pronounce :P

if you're 17 and can't pronounce ambidextrous then FYL. seriously.

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Haha thts so cute! I bet the teacher thinks that you taught him that word!


Ha, I'm sure they have no idea what that means. But hey, there isn't really anything wrong with being bisexual.

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aww thats so funny. and how did he learn that word..?

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It's not like it's a bad word.. 10% of the population is gay. It is funny that he said that to the class, but it's not worthy of fml.

Aww so cute. I do wonder how he knew the word though. haha

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hey maybe he's both prolly jerked 2 guys off with both hands

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U r a sick MORON were u abused as a chid??

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This'll come back to haunt him in his middle/high school years if the same people go to his it sucks more for him than you. But yes, FYL!

I'm not sure if it's a malapropism or just your using a random word he heard. Either way, I would have loved to hear what the class said to that.

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