By Anonymous - / Tuesday 6 January 2015 00:16 / United States - Oak Ridge
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  jake_braves  |  24

OP, you could just have sex with a guy in front of them. Prove you're straight and scar them for life at the same time.

Jk, don't do that. When you get a bf just kiss him in front of them, matter settled.

  cheeeksss  |  29

I love that show!
Also, my dad once thought I was too. I went through a HEAVY tomboy phase for about 3 years (and I suppose that meant I was lesbian). My dad bought me summer dresses for every gift giving occasion. I guess he was relieved when I grew out of it and got my first boyfriend.
OP, at least your parents were supportive. It's better than them not being supportive and you being a lesbian.

  TheOnlyMizLiv  |  22

That's what I said, they still seem to think I'm gay. Don't worry about it OP - if they still love you and you're comfortable with your sexuality it would seem no harm's been done.

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