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Today, my son decided to come out of the closet by wearing a shirt that said "Mom, I'm gay" to the family reunion. FML
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I want to high five your son.

So not an FML, just accept your son for who he is, and kudos to him for being brave enough to come out to the entire family!


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Be damn proud you raised a son willing to come out in front of everyone. While it's written on his chest.

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Why the hell should she be proud of that? Seriously, I have nothing against homosexuals but that's really not the way to come out... The stupid kid just didn't have the balls to come out in a face-to-face conversation with his parents, so he just made a scene out of it. I'd be pretty embarrassed if I knew someone who did this...

I agree w/ #38.. not sure why the comment is being moderated.. There is a sensible way to tell family, esp. your mom, news that you know will be hard for her to take, and it sure as hell isn't by wearing a t-shirt for everyone to see the same time as mom. OPs son might as well have written the msg in the sky or announced it on tv at a sports event.

29, Isn't that almost like wearing a "Mom I'm sexually active" T-shirt. The point is that Sexual orientation is not something to be discussed at a family reunion depending on your family of course. I don't see why comming out of the closet is such a big deal that it HAD to be announced to the entire family right then and there.

Being gay has nothing to do with being sexually active.

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why should you care if he wears that shirt or not? would you freak out if someone else wore a shirt that said "mom, i'm straight"? he comes out to you, and you post it on a ******* fml post. way to be a supportive mom.

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#98- And good for him if he did! The comments are being moderated because the suggestion that a son's coming out is embarrassing or bad smacks of homophobia. People propose in big sports stadiums. Why not come out? It's an important milestone and nothing to be ashamed of.

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#101- why do people think this means the son is announcing that he's having sex? It's no such thing. Come on, when you had your first crush in middle school, you didn't have sex with them, but you sure knew you liked them! Knowing you are gay does not mean you are sexually active. That is such a stupid suggestion. All it means is that you know who you like.

It would matter if he wore a shirt saying he was straight because sexual orientation isn't something that should be announced at a family reunion. That's kinda like wearing a "Mom, I'm sexually active" shirt everyone doesn't need to know what his sexual preferences are. If he were truly addressing his mother then he should have just told his mother.

#106 First of all I am openly bisexual so there is nothing homophobic about me. Having gone through the stressful process of coming out I understand what that is like, but I sure as hell have more respect for my mother and close family members to announce to the world prior to announcing to them news that will be hard for them to swallow.

I'm not assuming he is having sex. I'm just stating that SEXual oreintation relates to sex, which shouldn't be disscused at a family reunion especially if younger members of the family were there. Who he likes and doesn't like though, is his business.

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At the same time, isn't announcing an engagement kind of like announcing, "Hey, I've been having sex with this person, and I'm going to keep doing it too!" And yet no one thinks it's inappropriate to announce an engagement, for some reason... There is nothing wrong with telling your family you're gay. It's not inappropriate for them to know who you are.

not always 119...remember there's those couples that (gag) save themselves for marriage. more like announcing "hey, you're all gonna come to a party and afterwards i'm gonna get laid like there's no tomorrow!" OP, YDI for thinking that your son coming out ruins your life somehow.

No one is saying it is inappropriate to tell your family you are gay but there is a way to go about it.. Whether it should be this way or not, this is a sensitive issue that people have to get used to.

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lexibro, I see where you're coming from. With our culture as it is, you're probably right, coming out is a sensitive subject. I just get upset about the idea of people being embarrassed by the idea of having a gay son, or the idea that it's not something a family can just's something they have to "get used to." It indicates to me that our society has a long way to go in terms of acceptance of homosexuality. And there are people here (not you) who are trying to argue that talking about sexual orientation is like showing **** to children. Young children know when their older relatives are pregnant or getting married. Why not tell them an older relative is gay? You can just tell them that it means they fall in love with people of the same gender rather than people of the opposite gender. Pretty straightforward; no **** required.

Yeah.. I have to agree with the opinion that a family reunion isn't the place for something like that. And I'm not homophobic - my brother is gay and I love him and I am very proud of him - but I agree that it would have been a lot more respectful to his mom (and close family) to have this discussion with them first. But I don't care for the t-shirt idea anyway, whether they had known ahead of time or not. I'm pretty sure I'd have the same reaction if the shirt said, "Mom, I'm straight" just because it's unnecessary either way, in my opinion. But I guess, no matter what my preference is, I don't want that to be my defining characteristic; people should be able to see much deeper than sexual preferences. I'd rather be seen as a person instead of ****/heterosexual.

Has it occured to anyone yet that the son isn't gay and is just doing this for a reaction. If I have to make conversation, I would write something about someone else. Ex "Mom, dad's gay."

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OP's son is the best troll that has ever lived. He's so good, in fact, that he has even gotten to people in this comments section. Eff OP's life for having to live with someone that's basically an IRL version of a 4Chan user. I don't care if the kid was gay or not, he was trying to piss people off. Successful troll is successful.

I say the family reunion is the perfect place to do something like this. 1) You save a lot of time, since everyone finds out at once. 2) You find out what relatives are still worth talking to, and which ones you never need to bother with again. 3) Anyone who has a problem with it or feels it is "inappropriate" (at an event where most people will be hammering back beer like it's water and not paying attention to much anyway) will likely be in the "not worth it" camp. Plus, it's just ******* hilarious.

I agree. Doing something like that had to have taken a lot of courage. You should try talking to him instead of whining on this site.

wow great job being supportive to your son you bitch.

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What's wrong with saving yourself for marriage?

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FYL for having a gay son. YDI for letting him see all the ugly ladies and turning him off (im not insuliting u but thats how ppl would turn gay where has he been) please dont attack me with OMG homophobe theres like 45% gay ppl its pissing me off

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cucumberfabulous- Ask that to gay people in 44 of our 50 states.

@206: Lmao what the ****? Not only is there absolutely no evidence to support that people are "turned" gay, but there have been decades of research to prove the opposite.

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how is gayness in somebodys blood? It all comes down to (for males) wether you like getting f*cked in the ass, or reproducing like nature intended. thats only logical

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This just in, the shirt the kid was wearing is actually a T-shirt that is mass-produced and sold in Spencers (joke products store). It's a black T-shirt with rainbow letters saying "Mom, I'm gay." This further proves that the kid was trolling.

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He could have been trolling and serious at the same time. If he knows that his family is going to hate him no matter what, maybe he figured it was best to go all out.

@213: Scientists have found that gay males have a longer index finger than ring finger, and that the frontal lobe of their brain is larger than heterosexual males. So unless you can prove to me that having an attraction to other men can change your entire genome, then it looks like we're sticking with the "born gay" theory.

I just think it's funny that so many people have opinions on this. I didn't read any past the first four..after one will care. If you really care that much to respond to someone after reading all of these should find a better hobby :P

Come out? Every guy from KY is gay. This was not a revelation.

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Yeah, but this isn't a FML OR a YDI. I don't see how. Seriously OP, people are gay. Get over it.

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This is not an FML. If anything it's HIS FML! You can't even except your own son. He obviously wanted to tell everyone. It's kinda sad that he was too scared to tell you in person and had to buy a shirt to do so.

It is a big deal, and very inportant at that. Coming out to your family is one of the hardest things you can go through. It may have been handled a whole lot better on his end but it's still not that big of a deal, especially no fml moment. You should just be happy he was willing to even be honest and himself

that just makes you a dick. where's your sense of epicness? this kid is awesome!

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Coming out of the closet is so ******* hard.. Good on him for doing it this way, it makes it a whole lot easier than having to say "I'm gay" 1000 times to family members.. I think he's very brave for doing this.. I'm still not brave enough to tell anyone in my family I'm gay so GOOD ON HIM. btw this is not a FML, bitch have some respect for your son and be a better mother, support him like your suppose to.

Yeah I've got to say it's pretty disappointing you're posting this as an FML. What's it even got to do with you (regarding it as an 'FML')? Unless - are you ashamed your son turned out to be gay? I agree it's pretty shit he couldn't have had a conversation with you. But maybe the fact you're posting this as an FML shows he knows you well enough to know that that conversation probably wasn't worth it. You're a disgrace for a mother.

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YDI for posting an fml for this... instead you should try to suppirt him... and maybe he just didnt want every family member telling him: hey youre gay? he just wanted to say it to the whole family once...

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and THAT's what's wrong with the world today. Nice way to be open-minded. What if you had a daughter who was gay? Same course of action?

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Exactly, for dudes it's fear the dick love the pussy

well... he cane out in a very creative way ! ;D look on the bright side ;D

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I want to high five your son.

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Anyone who voted YDI is a jackass. It's not like the OP is a close minded asshole and is ashamed her son is gay. Her son is a moron for not picking a better way to come out.

Not necessarily, they could be going ydi for simply something like not checking her son's clothing b4 they left or ydi for letting him wear it there

I think it'd be kind of hard to pick a better way to come out. This way, you can figure out which family members to keep talking to.

So not an FML, just accept your son for who he is, and kudos to him for being brave enough to come out to the entire family!

Well said, #4! This is not a FML. I mean, maybe if your extended family is wicked homophobic, FHisLife, but I really don't see the problem unless you're embarrassed of his homosexuality (which means you're homophobic). I clicked YDI for being close minded.

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So... what's the problem here?

That's what I'm thinking! This is not an FML.

This would only be FML to the OP if he doesn't like gays. Which, in that case, YDI.

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#148 - I'm bi, and my parents are going to be the last people to know. If I ever tell them, I'm going to have several friends present at the time, because my friends have already accepted me, and I expect my parents would start off with disbelief, and then not want anything to do with me. So tell me, how can you make the generalization that it's always best to tell your parents privately?

I am also bisexual, and I believe that because my sexual orientation coupled with my religious beliefs (atheist) would cause my Catholic parents to disown me.

I love your son. How old is he ;D? I just told my mum I had a boyfriend. I might do that to come out to the rest of the family, for those my mother hasn't told.

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Lol yeah I might do it to.. Gets everyone out the way at one time :)

It's only FYL if you have an extremely homophobic family.