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Today, I went to go get a new ID because my wallet was stolen, which had my social security card in it as well. I found out that to get your ID you have to have your social security card, and to get your social security card, you need your ID. FML
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Wow. You probably shouldn't be carrying around your SS card though..


couldn't they make exceptions given your situation?

All comments are buried.. o_0 Besides, that FML is really fake. I saw a FML like that.

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you should have a certain code, go online and recover all your info, hope that helps

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Why are all the comments buried?

why is everything buried? 4chan get a hold of fml? anyway you can show them your passport or birth certificate.

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This is NOT true... you can get your state driver license with your birth certificate and mail from your current address (two forms of ID)... once you have the driver license you can get the social security card with the birth cert and the ID.... This is not an FML, just someone who is misinformed PS it says on the back of your social security card "DO NOT CARRY ON YOUR PERSON"

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this same thing happened to me two weeks ago. and the reason I had my SS Card on me is because I had to bring it to my job interview earlier in the day. maybe they too had a reason to carry it.

They tell you a hundred times not to put it in your wallet. why would you ever even need it daily in your waller. keep it safe at home.

wow just because someone has an FML like this that means it can NEVER happen again. Shut the **** up.

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This actually is true (last I checked) in Ohio. They made it so that you need both your SS card (or official document with your SS number on it) AND your birth certificate.

I think it's fake too. You don't need your SS to get an ID. You just need to KNOW your SS. They don't actually CHECK it. What you need for an ID is two forms of ID. If you don't have a DL on hand you can use your passport and birth certificate. Definitely NOT your SS card.

what if u r born in another country, and u dont have a birth certificate in US.

Noob replying to first comment to be seen..

it doesn't say not to carry your social security card on the back

The same thing happened to me and I did have a birth certificate but they wouldn't accept me KNOWING my SS. A load of bs. Then the other option was a credit card and that was lost too and would take a week. SO I went to get a new SS card. Funny thing is, it's really easy to get one. It might be a regional thing because I live in Chicago area so they are probably more strict about identification.

I know someone who lost their ID and social, and their parents wouldn't give them their birth certificate or passport so they had no ID and no way of getting new ID

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I know lots of temporary immigrants, who go specifically to Chicago to get a driver's license or ID even when they don't have all the needed documents, because Chicago is actually less strict than other states.

It's happened to me before. It blows hard.

If it happened to you, then you'll know: tell me WHY IN GOD'S NAME you would carry your SS card around?! I mean-- seriously! If that gets taken, SOMEBODY ELSE HAS YOUR IDENTITY! With just that card, they can take anything from you-- so really, inform me why you would just carry that around with you? I have mine in a safety deposit box in a local bank. That's where EVERYBODY'S should be. Honestly.

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This isnt fake. It has happened to me before. Every state has different laws for obtaining an ID. Besides, you can lose you SS card other ways, not just getting your wallet stolen. Try to think of all possible scenarios before making yourself look like a jackass. Oh and not everyone is in possession of a passport...

So if you can't get an ID without a social security card, but you can't get the social security card without an ID, how do you ever get either of them?? This is so fake.!!

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******* sucks to be you. **** your life.

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can't use birth certificate, too easy to get. but they do give you a temp social security card to take to the license bureau- kind of annoying to go back and forth, but its not that big of a deal. i used to work for social security and people would get so pissed about this, but do you really want people handing out social security cards to just anyone?

Actually you CAN use your birth certificate. How do I know? I had to get a new DL cause I moved toa new state. What you CANT use is a COPY of your birth certificate. You need the original, or one that has the officiary stamp on it (or whatever it's called). Which is easy to get, its just a two week wait.

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if they let you use a birth certificate they didnt know what they were doing or just felt extra nice.

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you do know that there's more than one form of identification right?? if you dont have one of either a license, birth certificate, passport, or any number of things I'd say you have bigger problems than this

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If ge really doesn't have any documents then what he can do is have them get a footprint off of him. At birth the doctor is required to take the footprint of the baby so if you don't have any other ID then go to your local hospital and get a footprint. Then call the hospital you were born at for your original footprint at birth. If they match then the gov will give you all your ID and SD cards back.

Wow. You probably shouldn't be carrying around your SS card though..

I think that the back of SS cards say things like "Do not laminate" and "Store in a safe place, do not carry in your wallet"...I could be mistaken though. I lost mine awhile ago, but I just use my passport or birth certificate if I need to.

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Yeah never carry you SS card around. With your lic and you SS card the thief has everything they need to become you

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Do you at least know your SS number?

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That really does suckkk. :p too badd, you'll be fine. :]

I don't believe it. Someone posted almost the exact same thing abu with a car, lisence, and an emissions test. Still sucks if it's true though

it happens... my purse got stolen in rome and I had forgotten to take my SS card out, so there went my DL and SS card. Luckily I still had my passport!

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Today, my car was impounded because I never registered it in California after moving here. In order to get it back, I need to register it. In order to register it, I need to pass a CA smog check. In order to pass the smog check, I need my car. FML

so? Just because a similar situation happened, does not make this fake. This is actually pretty common, though you are not supposed to carry around your SS card. Just because someone else posted a Catch-22 doesn't make this one fake.

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