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  CrassKal  |  27

Do you HAVE to get your license renewed when you turn 21 in Pennsylvania? In Texas I mine doesn't expire for another 3 years, and having a vertical card doesn't prevent me from doing any age restricted things.

  Mpii  |  11

As a swiss I am glad he explained what it stood for though.
Whenever I see "SS" I think about the second world war (because of the "SchutzStaffel"). So I'm actually glad to figure out what americans mean when they say "SS"

By  doraquiexplore  |  13

Hey, if you don't absolutely need to drive then don't renew it until then, just use public transport. Most cities have month-long charges.
Also this is based on the assumption that you don't drive every day so if that's the case then disregard my comment. FYL

By  Steve97  |  32

Yeah I wouldn't carry your ss card in your wallet just incase it ever goes missing. Best to leave it at home where it's safe and only take it when you need it.

  ShannonBitt  |  29

It depends on the state. In PA, it stays portrait until you're due for your next four-year renewal after you turn 21. Turning 21 doesn't require anything extra like an eye test or another fee here.

  emtbeast  |  2

in jersey it expires the year after you turn 21 whether it's been 4 years or not. and most bars won't serve you if it still has the red bar around your picture that says "under 21 till..."

  goream2013  |  6

not in the US. You have to take another picture, take an eye test and pay like $70 or so. when you turn 21. after that then you have to do that same thing like every 5 years.

  mariri9206  |  32

I live in IL and I didn't have to take an eye test or anything like that. I just had to show my old license, pay a small fee, and get my picture taken. It didn't require much at all, actually, that I was able to go to an Express DMV.

  Suaria  |  37

In California, you just pay $33 and sign a small piece of paper.

  fuckpotato  |  12

I'm in North Carolina here and my vertical license doesn't expire until 2020. I would like a new one though... I look nothing like I did when I was 18.

By  musdesimd  |  18

Ydi if u keep ssc in wallet; way too risky to carry it around; irreversible damage when your identity gets stolen; u can always make more money or put a stop or dispute stolen credit cards; u can get another license; but your ssn with dob on your license equals identity theft in which the law can do little to help u; youre so young and this will follow u around for the rest of your life; i hope the best 4u

By  tigerisabelle  |  31

Oh don't carry your SS card with your ID. If somebody has those two, it's very easy to steal your identity. Still that sucks -- if you don't need your license you could possibly get away with using some other form of ID (passport, school ID) until June

  bella_nana347  |  23

#89 and if that wallet were stolen, someone could easily access your resources. A fake ID, a forged signature, and the last four digits of your social security card could give someone access to your bank accounts, loans from banks against your credit, and new credit cards in your name. So I would advise stopping that practice.