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  mnmolino  |  14

#25 and #56 I think what we need is a group hug! It's just a "FML", let's smile and just be glad that we aren't being threatened with theft by some random guy! :)

  reaganomics  |  6

#84 I assume your talking to me?....on another note: Good god man did you take an English course in your life? I had to read that dribble twice to piece together what you were talking about. I'm going to assume that you do not have an iPhone and therefore do not know that it does not auto refresh fml comment threads. To explain further I simply forgot to refresh the thread before commenting.

  mfjkr  |  10

That's why if you see something like that on the ground..keep walking...there's people out there who are arseholes....he can retrace his steps and find it.

  dustyroaty  |  7

Now now.. Everyone has rights to access fml's and comment, given they have an account, and it's not up to people like you to say if they do/don't. Keev usually has some good comments as I have noticed several times, but does have his off days.

On topic as well, people can be grateful and ungrateful.. Found a wallet with a grand sitting in it, and returned it to the owner, whom shortly after drove off without a thank you, reward, or even a goodbye.

  ZombieLoveA  |  0

Lol. When I was in eighth grade, I was walking home with a friend of the same age when he opened his wallet to get something. He had 5 $100 bills in there. The $500 were real, not fake.

  JurassicHole  |  5

Christ Almighty! It's like everyone left an anger management class and ran into a bunch of Hippies. One side is spitting fire, while the other is trying to smooth out an already boiled over situation, and at the same time there's little quips thrown in. Then again this is the other reason we all come on FML. To read the comments on the FML's be them funny, ridiculous, weird, or slightly meaningful. I think this falls into the cluster fuck category though.

To OP, just goes to show that the world isn't all "sunshines and gumdrops". Hope things get worked out for the better.

Merry Christmas everyone!

  auriane_fml  |  19

Why is everyone thumbing keev down. He just told the other guy that the comment was there already. He wasn't rude or anything like that. He just pointed that out. Keev even said that he was sorry. Reaganomics was being rude for no reason at all and yet he still gets a thumbs up. I also think that its sad that he made fun of his english. At least he put time and effort into learning the language and I understood everyting he said.

@Gween. you can usually find this out by clicking on their profile. Just read what it says after town.

@ Op. At least you did the right thing. Let him call the police. You didn't do it and I don't think that anyone would believe that you took the money, and then decided to return the wallet.

  muzy  |  23

Don't worry op. All you have to say to the owner is "good luck convincing the judge." The owner will most likely say something along the lines of knowing that there were $400 in that wallet upon which you shall reply "WELL IT'S NOT WHAT KNOW, IT'S WHAT YOU CAN PROVE IN COURT!"

  wisese  |  0

Sweden is a very civilized country, not to mention home of the Nobel Peace Prize. I highly doubt it's guilty until proven innocent there.

  diidiimi  |  10

If it was in Sweden, there's every likelihood that if the list wallet guy does go to the cops, they'll just laugh at him. On the other hand, I agree that if OP did actually take the money he should return it. Although I don't believe that he did.

By  perdix  |  29

You should have just tossed it in a mailbox and let the postal service figure it out.

So, what did you get with the $400? An Xbox, or hookers and beer?