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Today, I went to go get my driver's license, only to be told that I need a copy of my birth certificate. In order to get the copy of my birth certificate, I need a driver's license or my passport. In order to get a passport, I need a copy of my birth certificate or a drivers license. I have none. FML
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So pretty much right now you are just destined to fail?

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Excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't a drivers license and a regular id considered to be a state license? To obtain either you'll still need the same info. Atleast in my state it's so.


So pretty much right now you are just destined to fail?

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1 - Yup, pretty much every aspect of OP's life is ******. :L

Yeah, the universe told him to **** off right there

haha happened to me too! careless and unorganized parents

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It's a government conspiracy... But then again, everything is a government conspiracy.

Sounds like one big clusterfuck to me. Goodluck

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It's so is. It's all a conspiracy. All of it! That's why they suck.

If you succeed at failing what did you do...

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Get someone at the white house to make you a birth cert. I hear they are pretty good at making stuff like that up. ; )

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Those items never stopped illegal immigrants from getting a license...

Ye we got a pretty messed up system here in our world

117- I think it means operator, or something like that. I don't really know.

It means original poster, as in the person who wrote the FML

It means original poster, as in the person who wrote the FML

117 original poster. but I suppose these could fit in... orange penis octagonal protrusions oak pine omnomnom purple

129- In Minecraft it means operator, so I wasn't sure.

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This happened to me when my mom lost my Social Security card and birth certificate. I couldn't get an ID card in order to fly cross country, but luckily I didn't need one and my mom found both documents.

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We can thank illegal immigrants and identity theft for this. SMH. In MO you need a piece of mail, birth certificate, and social security card.

No you don't, in order to get a copy of your passport. You need a printer or a scanner. Simple.

umm get a state license you dumbass cry more, ydi

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Excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't a drivers license and a regular id considered to be a state license? To obtain either you'll still need the same info. Atleast in my state it's so.

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They didn't ask me my birth certificate when I got my state ID,maybe you can go back and try that. If not there has to be a way around that rule.

Well you're a minor. Your parents probably took care of it.

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it's obvious 2 is new here. Either that or he didn't think out his comment.

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That sucks. My DMV wouldn't take my birth certificate, because it wasn't state issued. It came right from the hospital. So I had to wait a month for that.

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2 - a state license is obtained through the same process as a driver's license, only without the driving test (clearly). OP should go back & try to get a birth certificate again because they will accept your social security card instead of a driver's license. Picture ID (maybe school or otherwise) helps if you have one.

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#2 Shut the **** up or shut the **** up.

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Be a little bit more a dick why dontcha!

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Haha I love these FMLS. So unfortunate! I'm sure there's a way around it though

How on earth are you so out of the society loop? You need though things. :/

Unorganized parents do this to their children.

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186 - really? clearly you missed 2's comment

I think a stat dec might suffice in order to get a birth extract..

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A social security card should do it all ^.^

If your parents have their birth certificate, the state will issue them a new one of yours.

Exactly. My birth certificate was misplaced years ago and my parents got it replaced. I wasn't involved in the process at all. You're not the only person who can obtain your birth certificate.

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Ahhhh, how convenient the Government makes the processes.

Exactly right. Ive never been given a birth cert. only an extract which you cant use as a form of id... Dept. of BDM here in sydney printed mine on the spot no questions asked. Different countries, different laws...

Or just ask an illegal immigrant how to get one! They have no trouble getting a license where I live. You can find one in front of your local Home Depot.. the one with the hat and vest is usually the one that speaks English...

I same thing will happen to me next year since I don't have my dads sign :P

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Can't you use your social security card?

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5- You can't tell anything about a person through a social security card other than what area they were born in from the first 3 numbers.

Some states require more than 2 different profs of identity. So just a social security card doesn't make the cut if used on its own.

in Illinois you need your birth certificate, social security card and two pieces of mail with your name and address on them

122 in some areas, once you're 18 a permit isn't required.

20- are you sure that's true? Because me, my friend, and my husband all have the same first three numbers and we come from Ohio, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Therefore that doesn't seem to be true.

sinking_fish 12

188- yup! I'm sure. At least that is how it's supposed to be! Is it 431? I was born in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Lol omg I am so sorry... Will you be departed? :p

206- my husband was born in dover, Arkansas and has 430. I was born in Ohio an have 430. However as a side note. I was raised in Jacksonville AR for 10 years down on vine st.

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206 and 260... Your SS number is based on the state in which you live when your parents applied for it. My sister and I were born in 2 dif states 7 years apart but have the same first three numbers because my parents didn't get my sister one till she was older. Getting a SS number at birth is a new thing.

That still doesn't explain the number difference because I was in Ohio when they got my card. Furthermore my sister and husband have two diff numbers and both have never lived in another state.

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If youre over 18 you don't need to get a permit first. At least here you don't

They never even said they had a permit, don't just assume. You don't need one if you're 18+.

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( definition) A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions: "In the Catch-22 of a closed repertoire, only music that is already familiar is thought to deserve familiarity" (Joseph McLennan). The rules or conditions that create such a situation. A situation or predicament characterized by absurdity or senselessness.

No. Your parents are listed on your birth certificate. They can also get it for you, as can a certain amount of identification. I'd like to know what kind of weirdo has gone through their entire life with no birth certificate, passport or drivers license...

America has an amazing government, can't you tell?

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i..... i think so.... maybeeee..

The government in America is good the reason why they ask for a birth certificate is, because they have to be sir tht u are the right person and didn't steal tht persons identity

135 our government is great on paper but when it plays out no it's not.

However 135 is right. I'd hate it if some loser walked off the street gave them my name and address and got a drivers license. Then they could start breaking laws or something and I'd get blamed. Kudos to the American government for attempting to keep me safe

No America does this so illegal ******* immigrants like OP can't get licenses and fool cops about their citizenship, go back to ******* Mexico OP

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get a state ID card. I'm sure you don't need a birth certificate for that and you can use it to get a copy of your birth certificate

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You need the same proof with a state ID card as with a DL