By Dixienornous - 03/06/2016 11:05 - United States - Rohnert Park

Today, my wallet got stolen. I don't have a photo ID to get a temporary debit card, and since I don't have a debit card, I can't go to the DMV to get a new license. FML
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I hope you at least got to freeze your bank account

I wonder how you figured out that pattern?


As soon as I read the word "Today," I knew this was an FML

I wonder how you figured out that pattern?

Why can't people take jokes on this app

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People can't take jokes on any social media sites lol

A genius in the making right here folks.

Because it was a stupid joke, that's why.

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What else would it be on this site?

We can't take shit jokes, we do have a sense of humor.

I hope you at least got to freeze your bank account

Sorry that happened to you OP... Because I don't know much about that stuff, I can't really help you, but at least I CAN give you my blessing. Good luck with that!

Is a passport okay to use? I remember before I used a passport as an ID when I was younger in school.

A passport is a higher form of ID. It absolutely tops a drivers license. Sadly not everyone knows that.

Yes. If op has a passport, a student id, and a birth certificate that would be enough for a new id. The police report might count as proof too.

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Not everyone has a passport.

Passports are a government issued id, so should work without an issue.

he can't get a new ID because be doesn't have money

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How can people possibly think a drivers licence is of higher value than a passport!?

Yes, he needs money for the license but he could use the passport to get a new debit card.

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The only thing a driver's license counts for that a passport can't stand in for, is driving. You have to have your license in your possession in order to drive in the U.S. though other countries may have more lenient rules.

Did that happen and I simply missed it?

Good thing Trump will fux stuff like this.

You can file a police report and that's enough proof for the dmv. At least that's what they allow in NY.

Does the DMV not accept cash? Can't you withdraw money at the bank by answering your security questions and providing your SSN?

I've never had to give the bank my ID as long as I know my account number and SSN. But, all banks have different policies, so OP's bank may require a valid photo ID to withdraw.

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I've worked in a bank for 10 years... if you've had your wallet stolen they're going to work with you as much as possible. a good bank will have your photo ID on file.

Even if OP did have checks (which a lot of people don't have anymore) you need ID when presenting a check.

Can't say I've ever been asked for my ID for a check at the DMV for a replacement ID. Probably because I'm already there to get an ID, and thus they accept the info I have brought them for the ID itself.

I've never been asked for my ID while paying for my ID with a check at the DMV...

I've never been asked my id while paying with a check regardless..

Sorry, OP. I don't know how California does it, or your bank, but when my wallet got stolen my bank told me to bring two identification forms. I brought my SS and birth certificate. They used these two things to withdraw money for me and I used that money to get a new I.D. You can also ask someone if you can borrow money? Just a couple suggestions. Good luck!