By Noname - 05/03/2009 19:44 - Canada

Today, at the dentist, I was getting my teeth cleaned. Looking up at his nose, I saw runny snot dripping onto his lip. I tried to slowly move away. He told me "Stop!" The movement of his lips caused the snot to fall right into my mouth. FML
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im gagging. seriously, nasty.


Mmm embrace that mucus love. You know you hooked up with him later.

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Sue that son of a bitch. $$$$$!

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hmmmm don't dentists wear masks over their faces when they are cleaning peoples teeth?why yes they do. boom! this story's fake

AliaChen 5

couldn't OP at least CLOSE THEIR MOUTH before the snot fell in?

Prototype12 0

this is fake, dentists always wear the mask that covered they're nose and mouth

They were getting their teeth clean, they HAD to have their mouth open.

in Canada, dentists have to wear the mouth thing too

its so fake she's under the name "noname" and they have to wear the maak thingy too

danielleeycakes 3

they don't always wear those mouth things. one time when I went to the ortho. and had some random lady working on my teeth she didn't wear one. then she started talking on her cell phone. i shut my mouth and pulled away at that point, though.

curlyfry33 8

when i switched to a new dentist they did not

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no the correct term is mouth thing

Cant you get AIDS or herpes from that if he had it? Sue his ass!

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Wow that is such a lie because dentist use face fail?

You definitely cannot get AIDS from a drip of snot. I dunno about herpes, but isn't that more of a saliva thing?

Nothing like trying to get your comment on the top of the page. -_-

if he had a bloody nose and you had bitten your cheek or something then yes I suppose you could get HIV (not aids, aids is a syndrome, hense auto-immune deficiency syndrome) but a very rare circumstance of course. also mammary glands can pass on HIV.

Kyle1dc 17

I actually cringed from that FML.

That's why you have those nose and mouth covering things. Lmao wow

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fake.... they all need to wear facemasks what a disgusting imagination u have though....

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ewww get a new dentist asap!! at the least tell him to wear a face mask!!!!

I think this is fake because dentists always wear face masks.

Yeah wtf you should tell the police, because that is against the health laws.

xelectrickiss 0

im gagging. seriously, nasty.

Hoffman2015 4

just thought I should let u know that ur hot

you should have said something! Reminds me of the time the lady fixing my braces had the most distgusting breath ever.

enaja 0

Try talking with someone having their hands in your mouth.

I would have stood up and beat his ass

Wtf! Isn't he supposed to have a mask? That's terrible.

I agree, they're supposed to wear masks...

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Yes. Its mandatory to wear a mask.

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Thanks - I will never go to the dentist again. Ever.

Definitely should have had a mask...go find a dentist with standards.