By Anonymous - / Sunday 19 April 2009 19:21 / United States
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By  Dr_Pepper_fml  |  3

Well, this is just going to make things awkward for the other man :)
Which will make her feel really awkward.
So fix the situation and let her know, somehow or other, that it was you :)

By  glockjaw  |  0

Dude, instead of FMLing it, take some initiative! Do something badass and we'll hear about it as a movie based on a true story.

Or, write another note breaking up with her and calling her a pigheaded whore.

By  rowanneee  |  0

duuuuude! tell her it was your note! not only will it show her how sweet you are, but it will prove was a tool her boyfriend is for taking the credit. if he claims he wrote it, just prove it was you by telling her exactly what you wrote. don't take that shit.

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