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Today, I sneezed while I was in the middle of getting a root canal. I managed to warn the dentist that I was going to sneeze, but he didn't manage to get the tools out of my mouth in time. FML
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so you took a drill to the uvula

The dentist had his "tool" in your mouth? I've never heard of fellatio being referred to as a "root canal" before.


I hate first comments like yours. -.-

hoping that one didnt result in stitiches.

I felt a tingle of pain when I read this. Sorry you had to exerpience that OP.

I think the FML explains that it hurt, I'm not entirely sure, but I think that's correct

#14 he's another rush to be first

Oh fuck that must've hurt!

Now, you think that would have felt good?

If he has the right medication they wouldn't even care, and the dentist kinda owes OP, so he should take out his pad and get to scribbling.

41- it might if you have a fetish for sneezing while getting a root canal? Though, that's pretty be messed.

so you took a drill to the uvula

hahaha nice one. "I used to eat lemons but then I took a drill to the uvula"

29, what's that even supposed to mean?

Every villain is lemons.

Cave Johnson burned my house down with lemons

_BradyBunch_, either #29 is making an obscure Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (anime) reference, or it made another tasteless "...took an arrow to the knee" related meme.

I thought it was funny. You try and make a good uvula joke, a lot of people don't even know what that is,

I can't do uvula jokes. Whenever I do, it forces people to activate their gag reflex and blames me for the mess.

They don't use a drill for a root canal. It's a bunch of these wall tac looking things that are shaped like screws. Nice try though.

These "wall tacks" you speak of are called "endo files". And yes, they can be attached to a specific handpiece to rotate the file (drilling).

Congratulations! You've managed to post the most useless comment possible (aside from submitting a blank page), with the added perk of being unoriginal to boot! How do you feel?

It could had been much worse. As long as he didnt leave a gash on your gums or anything, I'd say you were very lucky. But, FYL regardless.

Dang that's just awful!

Really? What made you think that?

Geez, never heard of someone needing surgery after coming from the dentist :/

Someone shoulda grabbed your nose xD

The dentist had his "tool" in your mouth? I've never heard of fellatio being referred to as a "root canal" before.

According to this FML there were multiple tools in his mouth. LOL!

I guess you could say... ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ The dentist was really drilling them. (⌐■_■) YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

wtf is the graphic???

35 it seems to be some sort of mathematical equation.

no idea mate, i got nothin'

I think he's trying for *puts on sunglasses* :)

•That's actually an awesome graphic for a guy putting sunglasses on. How the hell did you get those black squares? ( • ~ • )

@57 alt codes, hold alt then press 254 on num pad.

Stop talking about fucking alt codes and go back to talking about fellatio, dammit!!!

Okay geez. Anyway, fuck the dentists life too, having your pride bitten doesn't feel all nice either.

I'm guessing the pain was equivalent to getting your arm gnawed off by a cow.

That analogy doesn't really help, as most people haven't had any arms gnawed off by a cow

its a danger %80 of people face daily the other 20 have already had both arms chewed off

Like I said 28 I'm guessing that's what it would feel like, it might actually feel like a cabbage gnawing off your arm. And if you'll excuse me I have to bless my room with holy water for imagining that could come true. Im never going to look at a cabbage the same again..

39, the Annoying Orange's brother-in-law?