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Today, I found my fiancé is cheating on me. Our wedding is in 26 days and everything is already paid for. FML
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Cut your losses. Better to lose the money for the wedding than to go through a divorce.


Who says it isn't her who's cheating? No way do we know a girl is writing this FML.

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OP should go though with it anyway. But turn him down at the alter. Unless her family paid... If so, she just definitely cancel.

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54- That idea looks oddly familiar... :)

Who says its a girl writing it? Maybe she's cheating on him.

Because if it was a girl, OP would have written fiancée.

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Haha sorry I didn't read that far down. All of my thumbs up(if I get any) will go to 58 :)

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61- Does it matter? Regardless of gender, it's a ****** up thing to do.

64- your comment was similar not exactly the same. 58's idea was to call them out infront of everyone you just said to say no at the altar. I like your idea better. My thumbs up is for you not 58 :)

Or marry "her" yet. It's not always a guy.

I was hoping to see at least one person pointing out that we don't know the gender :D

The OP typed fiancé and not fiancée, the former being male and the latter being female.

My fiancé is a girl and we say fiancé. Not fiancée. Your point has now even made invalid

I'm not entirely sure what you meant but the words are pronounced the same. When you are writing or typing fiancé is understood to be male and fiancée is understood to be female, which is why they are spelled differently.

Okapi_fml 12

113 - Thank you for that. I never knew they were spelled differently, I always thought fiancé was unisex. I love it when I learn something new.

He felt the need to cheat why? He asked Op to marry him why? He is a dumb **** why? Cheating is okay to him why?

Well the fact is she probably did the same. Statics show that any way. Even after they have been married for awhile.

gmc_blossom 21

144- Your profile picture matches your comment.

144. I just realised we have the same birthday, but you are 5 years older!

Oh, those statics. They get me every time!

125 : you're right, because fiancé is a french word, and so there is a difference with male and female words.

Pay for a wedding or divorce... It is up to you.

not sure if I'm a genius, or some of the comments I'm reading are making me feel like a genius

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I just realized, NOBODY CARES.

Cut your losses. Better to lose the money for the wedding than to go through a divorce.

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Having to tell everyone why the wedding is off will be difficult regardless if OP tells the real reason.

^ That's the easiest part. "My husband is a cheating, man-***** with a small dick so I decided to call things off. Sorry if you already paid for your plane tickets. Please call the jack ass at (555)-555-5555 if you need to take out your frustrations at someone."

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Well if she married him then proved he was cheating she could take half his shit, the cheaters tend to get screwed in divorces

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@55 - Pretty sure that's just TV where that happens, particularly when it comes to money. Now, you if there were kids to fight over... In any case, the wedding ceremony has nothing to do with whether or not the OP and fiance are legally married. Best solution: un-invite the fiancee's side of the family, and throw a giant bachelor/ette party at the venue.

Love the party idea! If you have a caterer, they haven't bought the food yet, so they could still let you cut back the number of guests.

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hahaha! 36 you are a freaking genius

Then make him pay your back for everything you paid for. Or you could just make him promise not to cheat again and continue with the marriage , sorry that happened to you OP

Yes, because the promise of a cheater is completely trustworthy.

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Obviously he doesn't regret cheating if the wedding is in 26 days or he wouldn't be cheating in the first place!! DUH

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85 - This is just me personally, but I would never give someone a second chance if they cheated on me. I'm not saying they couldn't change for their next relationship, but I don't think I could ever really trust them or feel comfortable with them again.

Second chances aren't for everything, that's why you need to value what you have while you have it. Thinking that you "deserve" one for something like cheating is just an excuse.

if you let them try again once, they'll think they could cheat again.

You all bring up valid points , I get what you all mean I didn't think of it like that when I put the comment up :D

Beside 140, it wasn't just cheating, it was cheating knowing he would get married soon. I don't think he will regret anything !

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You living in your own world ?

melonrind 8

This is a true fml... I know this doesn't help but, better to lose money than to lose wasted years. Feel better, op.

She's already lost both :/ Depending on how long they were dating...

I wonder if you could sue someone over it? In these circumstances, you really should be allowed to!

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Have a serious talk with him..

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Hiimhaileypotter 52

Even if she talks with him, he's cheated once. That'll always be in the back of her head. I guess he COULD change, but chances are if he's already cheated once, he'll do it again. I'm sorry, OP :(

Wait, what makes you think the cheater was a he? Women cheat too.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#118- Because "fiancé" is the masculine term, while "fiancée" is the feminine term.

gmc_blossom 21

We still can't be 100% sure. Seeing as how a lot of people didn't know there was a difference, myself included until just now, then OP could have just as easily meant a female as opposed to a male. Assuming they didn't know the difference.

txgirl2013 14

Maybe turn the wedding into a break-up party? Keep the strippers, kick out the priest?

I think the proper solution is to throw an empty plate at his windshield.

Keep the strippers???? People are having strippers at their wedding now???

Wow, that's terrible. :( I hope your fiancé does the embarrassing explaining to your family. He/she deserves to feel like an asshole.

bigdude1302 2

Dumb his dumb self then see if you can sell the wedding you would e surprised how many people would buy it.

desireev 17

Sell your personalized wedding?

unknown_user5566 26

Sell the wedding? Not saying that isn't possible I guess, but how would one go about doing that? I'd imagine it would be difficult to put a whole wedding up on Ebay.

Selling all or parts of the wedding is worth a try. I've known couples whose photographer, caterer, etc. got ill or went out of business at the last minute.

Selling a wedding package is a smart idea too.

unknown_user5566 26

Do they know you found out? If not, go through with the wedding, and call them out on their bullshit at the altar. They deserve to be publicly humiliated for being that big of an asshole.

Schizomaniac 24

What the **** is this? Much Ado About Nothing?

soullessgingers 0

Okay, not saying he doesn't deserve it, but that is so juvenile. That is a private matter and that really isn't appropriate.

unknown_user5566 26

I agree it's not the most mature approach, but cheating isn't mature either. I was cheated on before I met my husband, and it hurt like hell; I can't imagine how badly it would hurt to have the person you want to spend the rest of your life with cheating on you. Justice should be served somehow, I would think.

Cheating isn't a private manner.... A relationship is for two. If he wants to bring other people into it so can she.

soullessgingers 0

Yeah, but there are other ways than to publicly embarrass him at your wedding.

Schizomaniac 24

14, Shakespeare. Character calls out his alleged cheating bride-to-be at the altar

desireev 17

I like your way of thinking! I'd much rather humiliate the fiancé then have to call everybody and tell them that the wedding is off because I have a cheating fiancé and was too love struck to see it. The fiancé humiliated OP... It's time for payback.

My only problem would be if any guests at the wedding had to buy plane tickets or something to get to there. I don't think I'd be very happy to have to travel a long way to get to the wedding only to find out that there wasn't really gonna be one, whether I was a guest of the cheater or the cheated.

80skid 15

You sound more upset by the money then the fact that you're with a cheater. Priorities.

unknown_user5566 26

That's not how I read it. I think the details about the financial aspect just add to how badly this sucks; if OP had found out much sooner, s/he could've broken off the marriage without losing money. Now s/he will likely break off the marriage AND lose a ton of money.