By crazygirl - 15/12/2010 02:18 - Canada

Today, I went to a work party where we had a Secret Santa. I gave a nice set of beer bottles with glasses. When my name was called I naturally picked the biggest gift. I got groceries. I now have dog food and men's body spray. I don't have a boyfriend or a dog. FML
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Dynoblaze 1

YDI for being greedy and a size queen. Bigger isn't always better. ;)

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Dynoblaze 1

YDI for being greedy and a size queen. Bigger isn't always better. ;)

you women are really making it to easy. next thing you know there will be another FML about a women and cooking.

NOOO pasted wrong comment. why does the comment I not want to go through go through urghh *1# you must have a small penis*

why would they put that stuff as a gift when obviously there were chances a female might pick it. I say try to trade with one of your ci-workers.

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Even Indiana Jones knew not to choose the fanciest grail.

This is why you pick the smallest box, because it couldn't been an engagement ring! Doofus.

Agreed. Think about an iPhones and large pack of soap.

just because of your avatar I'm downvoting all of your comments

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Santa doesn't like milk either, he likes reindeer blood. ironic huh?

Santa's Swedish? I could have sworn he was Dutch.

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sure just let her go to 7-11 to get a bf...

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Lol #3 your comment was hilarious!

some people arent as beautiful as the rest of us and cant get gfs/bfs

or a dog and call it your bf, or ecen get a bf and call him your dog o.O heh

28 for those that can't get a gf/bf and a dog , they can use the wrong gender body spray on themselves and eat the dog food .

Or just buy a dog and make him smell fabulous

Just become Jewish, then you won't have to deal with it.

stop bitching at least you received something.

damn dude when i first seen your picture i thought you were inflating your girl friend lmfao:D

#5 said it best. How is your life ****** because you got something for FREE? Just throw it away or give it to somebody else, and you're no worse off than you were the day before.

Technically, it's not for free because they had to give a gift as well.

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she should have gotten the smallest. those are usually the best.

Yea it's usually jewellery or something really cute and tiny and awww I love small stuff idk

FYLDeep 25

Haha you got the old maid. Better luck next Christmas.

I've never enjoyed gift exchanges myself... Einey gave me a bunch of books with very tiny print about science stuff. I hope he enjoyed the CD I got for him though. That man needs some music in his life.

FFML_314 11

Do you need both? Men are dogs. *Waits for attack*

Fuhohohoho!~ I love you for that darling!~ Well delivered!

I'd argue against that... except I doubt my profile picture helps my case.

If men are dogs then wouldn't man's best friend be other men? Isn't it impossible for men to be dogs because dogs would cease to exist if men were dogs since men are male humans? I am confused

Never mind, men love ******* so they can't be dogs. I got it figured out.

FFML_314 11

You just sit there in your corner and scratch your head. Good boy.

No I'm good I figured it out. thanks anyways

"Got Bitch" haha i miss the "Got milk" comercials...

FFML_314 11

Let me be the first to ask, what the **** is a comercial?

He meant 'commercial'. Now get over it >_<

I wish I was a dog so I could lick my balls. If I could do that I would not need you worthless women.

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FFML you are an idiot if you cannot figure out what a "comercial" is, as opposed to a commercial. And if you can, you are simply a petty bitch.

FFML_314 11

You must be new. I'm definitely a petty bitch. ;D

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@ FFML_314 Hm. Just wondering.. Why do women always call men dogs? Women ask to be treated equally, so if we were to treat you equally, wouldn't you then be a dog too? But you're female, so I suppose that makes you a... BITCH.

APurpleWaffle 0

I guess so, but occording to them, we're dogs also. So there's nothing wrong with it then, now is there?

FFML_314 11

Where in my post did I say that I sleep with men?

APurpleWaffle 0

He said 'mate' meaning to reproduce. I don't think you reproduce with women, now do you? Unless you truly are a G.I.R.L. (guy-in-real-life) Hmm...

FFML_314 11

OK, who said I plan to reproduce?

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We all can only hope you don't plan on it. We don't need any more people like you in this world, we already have enough.

We don't need any more people in this world, period.

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