By crazygirl - Canada
Today, I went to a work party where we had a Secret Santa. I gave a nice set of beer bottles with glasses. When my name was called I naturally picked the biggest gift. I got groceries. I now have dog food and men's body spray. I don't have a boyfriend or a dog. FML
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  my_user_name  |  7

#5 said it best. How is your life fucked because you got something for FREE? Just throw it away or give it to somebody else, and you're no worse off than you were the day before.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

I've never enjoyed gift exchanges myself... Einey gave me a bunch of books with very tiny print about science stuff.

I hope he enjoyed the CD I got for him though. That man needs some music in his life.

  krdel  |  0

If men are dogs then wouldn't man's best friend be other men? Isn't it impossible for men to be dogs because dogs would cease to exist if men were dogs since men are male humans? I am confused

  APurpleWaffle  |  0

@ FFML_314
Hm. Just wondering..
Why do women always call men dogs? Women ask to be treated equally, so if we were to treat you equally, wouldn't you then be a dog too? But you're female, so I suppose that makes you a...