By Deaf and Dumb - 23/05/2017 18:00

Today, while on the bus, the girl in front of me asked me if I could find the orange she'd dropped. I couldn't see it, but when I told her that there was no orange there, she gave me the strangest look. She'd said ring, not orange. FML
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Shame it wasn't at least something that rhymes with orange ;)


Shame it wasn't at least something that rhymes with orange ;)

Druu 53

Well, you know what? There was no orange there either, so whatever.

You should make fun of her obvious speech impediment and then ask her on a date. Girls love the neg.

Sounds like my morning. This morning my wife asked if I wanted to get rid of the rooster mugs. We do not own rooster mugs. She became annoyed at my confusion and said the two next to the lemonade mug on the counter. On the counter was a pitcher I make lemonade in and two mugs with sailing ships. I did not mishear her - she admitted she said rooster mugs and lemonade mug. I think one of us is loosing it, sometimes I wonder if it's me....

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You should go down to a jeweler shop to see what these oranges look like.

Is orange a new slang for jewelery. I am a hotel maid and we had one guest say that he left an orange behind but didn't mention the ring I found. Ps I didn't find an actual orange.