By aye! - 25/7/2020 02:02

Porque no los dos?

Today, just like every other day, I noticed that one of my male coworkers always stares at me while passing by or when it's time for lunch. I read somewhere that if a person stares at you too long, they either want to have sex with you or want to kill you. He has a girlfriend, so I doubt it's the first option. FML
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By  TCRII  |  29

Let me tell you something about men. We are pigs far more often than we are homicidal maniacs. Ask him why he always stares at you. It is not appropriate and you should call him out on it.

By  mackdeezy  |  21

Maybe he just doesnt like you. It is possible, despite it not being so often, for someone to stare at someone else just because they dont like them. As for the "he's having sex with you mentqlly while he stares"... ehh, not sure if staring is required for that. Having said that, i think you meed to confront him peacefully and sort things out, and if that doesnt work, THEN you can go to HR.

By  thatkorean  |  5

Because never in the history of humans has a man cheated before (sarcasm). It could definitely still be that first option. I’d put my money on that before “oh he wants to kill me”.

By  Wadlaen  |  19

Maybe he's bored with how things are at the moment, and wants a threesome?
And, maybe he would be positively surprised if you ask him about that the next time he passes you😉