By fufu_mutt - 15/12/2010 04:24 - United States

Today, I was driving with my dog. Looking out the half-open window he stepped on the switch, the window went up, causing his head to get stuck. I looked down and he had scared the shit out of himself, all over my shirt. FML
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AZFreckles 0

I'm sorry for your dog. But what kind of moron are you for driving with a fucking dog on your lap?!?!?! Was there no room on the passenger seat, or better yet, in the back seat?? Can you honestly say that your dog is never a distraction to your driving? I'm guessing NOT if it's shitting on you.


Scooby dooby doo?



Scooby dooby doo?

My dog is too short for that to happen lol. That sucks for you, and is your dog ok?

I get dizzy watching the lines go by on the street. I wonder if dogs do to

the exact same thing happened with me. except the dog was driving and I had my head out the window.

robc32ca 4


You deserve it for driving with a dog on your lap.

FFML_314 11

Crank windows FTW.

agreed crank windows ftw

but if the dog STEPPED on the switch, which would mean pushing it down, then how did it go up?

VinegarStrokes 0

92 you are an idiot.

Dr_Pepper_fml 3

Yes, an idiot indeed. While it's true that some cars' window switches are pushed up to put the window up and pushed down to put the window down, most of the cars I've been in, for one, simply have side-by-side buttons, one that puts the window up and one that puts the window down, both of which you have to PUSH to operate. Stupid people...grr...

My dog learned how to actually open the window doing that, intentionally.

Oh no this opens up a window for horrible 'shitty' puns. Kinda like the window you dog got smashed in. :p

What a shit day.

And let the shitty puns begin..

"what a shit day"?? add that "y" to that;)

ha okay shity day;)

schwiggidy 0

holy shit!

send me some pics

Gondile 4


was the dog ok???

InO why does everyone care about nothin?

let the whole gamut of shit puns commence because that won't get old.

Of course it won't. Everyone here totally has something unique to add and is in no manner repetitiously dragging out old jokes.

btnhdude 0

I like your sarcasm.

btnhdude 0

I like your sarcasm like it like I like to watch Family Guy. Do you like to watch that show?

FYLDeep 25

I guess you need one of those window lock buttons. But keep the windows up anyway. It's getting below zero now. Way too fucking cold for that.

agm2010 0

i agree and he is from Wisconsin