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Today, I was at a small secret Santa with a group of friends. Everyone got each other some amazing gifts, the first person got a homemade self portrait, the second person got some professional grade playing cards, the third person got an album of past memories, and I got a pack of pens. FML
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That's kinda inconsiderate.Merry christmas tho.

lexiieeex3 32


That's kinda inconsiderate.Merry christmas tho.

thatguy240 27

How was that inconsiderate? At least he got a present.

Inconsiderate, meaning whoever gave him the pens clearly didn't put much thought into it.

Wishful thinking, but maybe at least they were some nice pens? My sister is really into drawing so hearing 'a pack of pens' doesn't equal 'bad present' to me. In fact, I'm pretty sure my sister did get some pens this Christmas...

Bad luck OP but at least you can only have good luck from here... I think thats how it works...

cutiepie292929 18

Used to happen to me to. Once i got out of date chocolate and a cheap dollar toy then the next i got a cheap 2 dollar black 6X4 frame. I spent a lot and got them pretty things. Never will I do another secret Santa.

Right? I got my secret Santa a few nice things based on his interests. What did I get in return? A bottle of strawberry milk that had been left in his car all day. I'm done.

this year at work I got men's 2x pants with pot leaves all over them. not only do they not fit but what the hell am I going to do with them....I put thought into gifts I buy, so it's actually pretty offensive to receive something I'd never use once.

Unthoughtful presents are always disappointing, especially when they are from close friends. Hope your holiday gets better. Merry Christmas, OP

lexiieeex3 32

What are you complaining about? Pens are gold! I consider myself lucky if I have mine by the end of the week. Than again just having paper towels in the bathroom is a good week at work.

I have like three groups of Secret Santa this year, and we always set a minimum price limit to make it fair for everyone. Maybe your friends should do the same. I don't usually put a dollar price on gifts but when it's very clear that absolutely no thought went into it, it pisses me off.

ChopSuey444 20

Our minimum is always $10. It helps make sure that if you buy something kind of nice, you receive something kind of nice lol. You're right that you shouldn't really a dollar sign on gifts, but Secret Santa is a literally different than just normal Christmas shopping.

11, it's so that no one can pass off a "cheap gift" to someone else. I could find a bag of pens for $1 at my local grocery store. And since secret santa limits you to receiving only one gift, we try to make it special. If someone spends above the limit, that's great too but at least everyone gets a gift worth X amount of dollars. I hope that clears up what I meant.

ColonelCusswords 24

Gonna write a thank you note with all those pens?

snarkytruth 37

Playing Secret Santa is playing the lottery. Your going to like it or there is a huge chance at disappointment. Some people are hard to buy for some have no clue what to buy anyone others are just lazy or were pressured into playing. Most people buy what they would like for themselves. Your Santa might be very practical. Don't take it personal. If they are very cheap you can always cover them with a beautiful decorative paper to upgrade them. Check YouTube for great paper ideas. Or polyclay canes or sheets, micro beads, fine glitter, fabric, or water marble them. Paint or spray paint them. Decoupage them. All sorts of fun ideas. Consider it a gift of creativity and fun. Then they become a perfect custom gift you get to design to reflect your style - elegant pens or add some fun and whimsy to your day. Far better than getting something ugly you hate. The others may secretly hate their gifts too. Merry Christmas!