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  Setareh23  |  34

I guess it depends on whether it was only a gift exchange, or an entire Christmas party: all the secret santas I've been to included food and fun activities. I've organized just one with my classmates (around 30 people), and it actually took more time than you'd think to prepare (shopping, decorating, finding a date that fits for everyone who wants to participate, signing people up for a potluck, following up on what they're bringing, check for allergies, picking names, preparing "extra presents" in case there are no-shows, renting tv and movies, asking people to bring games, organizing group activities, etc). So if there's many employees (like 50+), I could easily see how organizing it could take time.

By  bulletsinthewind  |  21

Wow, that's a funny jerk move lol. Still, whoever it was, should've been mature enough to get you something. Or maybe that person just doesn't like the whole secret Santa thing and decided to prank you

By  philsh94  |  20

I'd hardly describe organising a secret Santa as tiring, all you have to do is put everyone's names in a hat and then draw them out to see who gets who