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Today, I went to a local Indian takeaway, since I'm from India originally, and none of my friends speak Hindi. I went up to the counter and placed my order in Hindi with the seemingly Indian owner. He gave me a weird look and said, "Huh? Speak English, ya rimjob." FML
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XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Assuming, gets you everytime.

I guess he's Naan-Native of your Mother Land.


I always wondered how people knew whether or not to talk a foreign language to a person who seems to be the same ethnicity as you...

As someone who's bilingual myself, I can tell you that usually you use a widely spoken language at the start. For example in Europe a lot of people start off speaking in English and work from there. Hindi is really just the same for India. Most of the states have their own languages, with Hindi being a second language that the majority speak. OP probably speaks 3 languages at least (assuming they speak a state language too), but used Hindi as it is the most widespread.

Dawnstempest 17

@11 Or you just ask "do you speak this language?" And go from there.

As an Indian American, what we generally do is start off in English and if we find out they're from the same state, then we speak in the state language. But this is only generally for people who are close. It is considered awkward to just randomly speak in Hindi unless its obvious that a) you know the person or b) that there is no doubt whatsoever the he speaks your language

Yea 38, that's true. I'm Nigerian (born there but raised in America) and my parents are Nigerian (born and raised in Nigeria). We do have a pretty large Nigerian community here in my town so we do meet other Nigerians. Anyway, usually whenever I'm with my parents ( and they meet someone who looks Nigerian) they usually speak English. You know, just be on the safe side. But one time, when my dad was driving, we were stopped at a red light and my dad happened to notice a woman another car that looked exactly like this other one Nigerian woman. I was like "Dad? That's not her..." But my dad rolled down the window anyway and said, "Aga Madame! Eh kedu!" and waved. The lady rolled down her window slowly and gave us this EXTREMELY confused look lol. She was like "...Uh..I'm sorry?"And then he not noticing said it again lol but then was like "Oh! I'm sorry!" and then rolled up the window and looked ahead, laughing to himself. Lol I noticed she was still looking at us and shaking her head. She kept looking back at us for the duration of the time we were stuck at that damn light! As soon as it turned green my dad like pressed the gas and we hurled out lol. It was SO AWKWARD.

yes #22, but you would still have to pick a language to do that in. Which is likely to be a widely used language (like English).

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XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Assuming, gets you everytime.

If you assume, it usually makes an ASS of U and ME.

I guess he's Naan-Native of your Mother Land.

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

In his defence, I'd say the odds had been more or lassi-n his favour.

Well when you assume people are Native Indian like that at an Indian restaurant, you get what you deserve: Instant Korma.

man_in_black08 28

You can probably say that the owner was tikka'd off.

You could say that your language skills didn't curry his favour.

You shouldn't have assumed that he could Chaat with you in Hindi.

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It's possible that the restaurant owner might speak Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, or any of the other 21 languages of India besides Hindi. Plus you can have authentic Indian food without speaking an Indian language.

If he spoke one of those languages, I doubt he would have not recognized the fact that OP was speaking Hindu and told him to speak English.... He was way more likely to be American.

Hindu is a religion, not a language.

Not every person speaks Hindi. YDI for going up to a random person and speaking to them in Hindi.

It wasn't a random person, it was the supposed owner of an Indian restaurant.

kentuckyguy 4

That's like going up to some kid in Chinatown and speaking Chinese to them.Hell,that's like going to a German beer garden in Cincinnati and ordering a beer in German...

bamagrl410 31

Or going anywhere in Texas and speaking English...

sugarshane007 20

Imagine OP's surprise when the person spoke Hindi to the employees after the order was placed. The troll has worked successfully.

Somehow I read that in a New York mafia accent and thought of that scene from Home Alone: "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. And a Happy New Yea'."

I read it in a Glasgow accent for some reason.

monnanon 13

lol i did too. i had to check the location afterwards. are you british too?

TheDrifter 23

Looking Indian, even being of Indian descent doesn't mean he's ever been to India. Welcome to America.

Which indian restaurant did ya go? Btw I speak Hindi. :P