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  WishResign  |  0

true, it's not racist to play around with different accents. if you start going into stereotypes, it's not 'cool', but hopefully op didn't go crazy with it.

  0opsie  |  6

#17: That's very true. But something tells me he actually did go into stereotypes. Probably the fact that he called it a "piece" and "performed" it. Either way, it was a stupid decision to do it when he knew his boss was Indian.

  Clover2009  |  0

#45, You're being extremely hypocritical for calling someone a "redneck" over a joke involving race.

"Hurrhurr you think racist jokes are funny lol REDNECK lol"

  nathan5  |  0

Lawsuit material? The world's gone mad! It was a joke-a mighty stupid one at that, but a joke all the same. Getting fired is maybe fair enough but a lawsuit? That's just being silly.

  DocBastard  |  38

Fonz, if you're going to try to correct people who are correcting people incorrectly, at least do it correctly yourself.

I've seen too many Grammar Nazi failures in the past few days. Leave the naziing up to the Nazis, please. My head fucking hurts.

By  KristinaKreme  |  0

You had it coming.
Coworkers/workmates never laugh with you, just at you.
You were practically begging for it especially when you knew your boss was Indian.
You deserve it, idiot.