By Adrian16 - Norway
Today, I was vacuuming our house because I wanted to help my parents. I wore a headset while listening to REALLY loud music. The vacuuming job took me two hours and when I took of my headset I noticed that I hadn't started the vacuum cleaner. FML
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  White667  |  0

OP = Idiot.
How could you not feel that it was off? I mean the vibration and everything, the fact it doesn't pick up stuff off the floor? How vacant WERE you? Jeeze.

I call fake on this one, it's just too ridiculous. Either that or you're just completely uninformed about how to vacuum a house.

  kozmikstarz  |  0

What kind of mansion do you live in that it takes 2 hours to vacuum? And if it took two hours, you would have had to plug and unplug the vacuum and switch outlets. How would you forget to turn it on every single time you switched outlets?

  cutiepi  |  0

I was gonna say the exact same thing. You can tell when the vacuum is on. It vibrates and kind of suctions to the floor. Also it actually picks up dirt instead of pushing it around... two hours and you didn't notice? Not even in between songs or during the slow parts? Liar.

  bugmenotmofo  |  34

I agree with you. And I also love how they decided to emphasize "really" in "REALLY loud music" as if that is going to make us believe them.