By lilykat84 - United States
Today, I have a huge scab on my thigh. What from? My thighs rubbing together. FML
lilykat84 tells us more :
This is my FML.. that I wrote a while back ago! Just now commenting on it, ha. Anyways, yeah my thighs do rub together at times.. >.> It bites but sometimes powder helps a little. I learned the hard way that rubbing lotion (it was bath and body works lotion) on freshly chaffed thighs burns like hell. Truthfully I'm not THAT over weight. I would like to lose about 30 pounds though, but that'll have to wait until after February. Thanks for the comments though, some were pretty funny! ^.^
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  Pixelduhst  |  0

*shrugs* I'm smack dab in the middle when it comes to weight, and my body fat percentage is under average, but my thighs are still large enough that they rub together constantly. & My thighs are the most muscular part of my body.

  ally_85  |  1

try Lanacaine anti chaffing gel--very smooth and even thin girls have thighs that touch
not every girl needs to be a skeleton with a thin layer of skin lol

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

52 - She can do a bunch of things at home or close to it. Running is good for an all-over calorie burn which would help her lose weight everywhere, but because you can't "spot reduce" or lose weight in just one spot, I don't think just doing squats would work. That actually builds muscle and might make her thighs bigger.

  kirbydumas  |  10

What the heck guys? I'm a thin, fit, runner and I'm constantly barreling with sores on my thighs from their rubbing together. OP doesn't have to be fat or have thunder thighs to have a sore! Maybe it's because of heat rash or from working out.

By  nycy  |  0

least you don't have a scab

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

Hello 106. I have just creeped your profile.

Wanna have some fun?

Just kidding. Hi how are you?

(I use the app, not the site, so no PMs for creepy little me :( )

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

Um, there are dresses made specifically for the overweight; nothing "gross" or "flabby" is shown. They can be longer, so you'll see their calves, which are probably pretty nice after carrying all that weight around. They do make dresses with sleeves in case you didn't know, so that you don't have to see the back fat/arm flab. Lastly, if you're grossed out by giant tits, they do make dresses with higher necklines so you don't see any cleavage.

Skinny jeans still cover everything and unless you're morbidly obese, you can't see any dimples... so what's the problem? As long as they're not shaking their asses in front of you while naked, suck it the fuck up. People can wear whatever they want.

  iEatGuppies  |  0

wow, bitch much? I'm underweight but I still think that just because your thighs touch you should still be able to wear whatever the fuck you wanna wear. anyways, some people have a disability that causes them to be overweight no matter how hard they try to lose the weight. what are they supposed to wear?

  mamamenee  |  0

I agree with you...and I'm sorry just because some one is thin does not mean we all want to see their ASS hanging out of a skirt or booty shorts. a lot of people have this issue with thighs rubbing no matter what their size is. People need to grow up.

  honeysuckel  |  0

I don't think 11 said "yuck" as suppose to referring at OP's weight, but to OP's scab. and just like many commenting on this FML, she posted lose weight. I'm pretty sure getting a scab from your legs rubbing together like that is not very healthy.