By Anonymous - 18/09/2014 07:32 - Australia - Rosebery

Today, my girlfriend visited my restaurant with some guy I'd never seen before. She introduced him to me as her "new boyfriend". She was always a cold bitch, but I never saw this coming. I had to serve their food while choking back tears, and I couldn't work up the nerve to spit in it. FML
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I'm really truly sorry for that. that's just cold.

You should have done it. She totally deserve it!


I'm really truly sorry for that. that's just cold.

You should have played the song "Cold Hearted Bitch" by Jet, and told her, that it was picked specially for her.

*Cold Hard Bitch I screwed up... But still a good song, that seems like it was wrote for her.

Do me a solid. Don't shed anymore tears for that flaming bitch.

JMichael 25

That is truly cold. I'm sorry to hear about this OP. At least you now have the chance to find someone better.

ChristianH39 30

Now I'm an atheist, but I'd still like to believe there's a special hell for someone like that.

#88 the fact that you are an atheist named Christian is deliciously ironic.

Cold? she's fricken frozen! You need to get on with your work OP and let it go.

Kn0wledge123 21

Wow. That is ****** up man. I know it hurts but don't shed anymore years for such a heartless piece of shit

ChristianH39 30

97, isn't it though? I wonder if my parents somehow knew...

I'd put some special sauce on her food if ya know what I mean...giggity

Seriously, you could put her in a box and use it as a refrigerator. Or put her outside and reverse global warming.

You should have done it. She totally deserve it!

Nope. She'd deserve it, but she's not worth potentially losing your job or your reputation over, were you to get caught.

I agree that she isn't worth losing your job to. Anyways, she deserves a lot worse than just spit

cryssycakesx3 22

what good would it do though? I'm sure they've kissed before so I'm sure she's had his spit before and the new boyfriend got it by proxy. I never understood spitting in food. what's the gratification in it? it doesn't do anything to them, it's not like they even know...

True 149 but It would be more of a power play. The last "**** you" would be satisfying in the bullshit game she was playing.

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Pretty sure she was currently dating two people at once when she walked in to the restaurant. If that isn't the definition of a ****, I don't know what is.

How does it not make her a ****? Two boyfriends at one time... slutttttt

Are you really trying to defend *****? Sounds to me like we've got a couple of ***** in the comments section...

'**** shaming' is calling a girl a **** if she hooks up with a lot of guys (or girls). The reason it is wrong is because no one else has the right to call someone a **** based on how much sex etc they have as it is their own decision. Shaming someone for having 2 boyfriends at the same time is fine. It is also pretty much the definition of '****'.

uglyheadedbitch 20

To everyone besides 11... CORRECT

11, she's definitely a ****. Cheating on your significant is a textbook example of slutty behavior. Breaking up with him like that makes her a bitch. Sometimes the word **** is appropriate to describe someone, and this is one of those occasions.

Stupid hoe, silly ****, dumb bitch, awful excuse for a human being. I think they all apply

Axel5238 29

This applies to both males and females and everything in between. Being sexually promiscuous is not healthy and not something to find pride in. You have every right to engage your own body in self destructive behavior but its not my duty to affirm you in that.

#71. Can we stop shaming poor innocent garden tools? They can't even defend themselves.

Should have passed on her table or just not gone back I've done that to rude people I just don't go back until they leave lol

If she's a true cold bitch, then she won't lose any sleep over getting him in trouble for not doing his job. And if the OP was caught spitting in her food, that's even more trouble. OP could always resort to calling her out in front of everybody.

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um he was working. I think his boss and coworkers and the other costumers appreciate that he died silently instead.

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cjwayy 22

Yeah, if I did that while I was working I would probably get fired or at least a stern lecture from my boss.

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Lil_Red777 21

Clearly you don't have bills to pay, you have to do what you have to do. So yeah his “shitty" tips are how he survives.

He was trying to be a good guy and not make a scene

I average $20 an hour in tips waiting tables, and love what I do. Bitch.

Ah you love being a waitress... Good for you! I'm sure the grand majority of people in the service industry would love to hear it!

ChristianH39 30

Nothing wrong with loving what you do, whatever it might be. It's a better attitude to have than putting others down for what they do.

waitresses make amazing money in most places, that's why we put up with the rude, cold hearted people that don't appreciate us. It's not my dream job but it's definitely a good one. why don't you try working in a restaurant for once before complaining about our jobs.

I never complained about anyone's job... I just wasn't aware that service industry (waiting tables especially) was such a stimulating and rewarding work environment. The stigma that surrounds it is undeniably negative and any experience I've had with it, as well as anyone I've ever talked to, never quite shared the FML community's aptitude for it. Also, I find it quite odd that you just assumed I've never worked in the service industry or done waitressing with absolutely no basis for that assumption.

@154 Who here is putting anyone down due to their job description? More like making a point about how, at some point, people should show some dignity and self-respect...

ChristianH39 30

"yeah, I guess groveling for shifty tips and less than minimum wage is the way to live life..." Exactly what part of that sentence DOESN'T put down someone who works as a waiter/waitress? You can't honestly be dumb enough to miss that

I love good food and good wine. I consider myself a salesperson, because more often than not, I'm selling a "product". I only have to work part time to pay my bills, and own a car and on my way to owning a house. My boyfriend is a BUSBOY at one of the most esteemed restaurants in our city, and brings in nearly twice what I do on a regular basis. A lot of people in food service are in school, and many have degrees but choose to continue waiting tables because it is better money. Yeah it sucks sometimes, the general public can be a pain, but some people have a real passion for it. I'm one. I'll go back to my opening line: I love good food and good wine, and am proud to do what I do. I love my job. (I do feckin hate my boss though>.

@162 That statement wasn't made to address every single waiter/waitress. It was specific towards OP who couldn't even scrounge up enough dignity to at least say something to the bitch for what she did. He could've at least asked someone else to take the table and said something to her afterwards so he didn't have to literally wait on the person who just degraded the shit out of him.

It is quite ironic that we FML people come to a social media app to laugh at other people's demise and have the obvious and emphasized option to point out if someone "deserved it" or "I agree your life sucks," yet everybody loses their mind if someone points out a logical "very probable" possibility for someone to lose it and slap the person. If that was my situation, I would rather shout out "I quit!!" And have the satisfying pleasure to falcon punch the dude and use the food tray to Michael Jordan slam hyper dunk the bitch's head. Would be totally worth it.

#181: Thinking isn't your strong suit, is it? Don't try to answer that, I don't want you to hurt yourself.

Stop being a ******* asshole, take your bitchery somewhere else. It sounds like you've never had to work hard to keep a roof over your head. Congratulations.

I don't think you realize how many people live off of minimum wage. it's shitty, but if you have a not-a-sweat-shop job and you're getting good hours, you best keep that job. But if you have savings, already thinking of quitting, or are living with your folks, maybe a good ol' falcon punch is what you should be giving.

supersquirel500 10

let's hope this is just a crual joke. but if not, prep yourself for next time she comes in.

So many things wrong with this comment...

if she was always a cold bitch, why be with her?

He may have known it but maybe he couldn't let go of her and realise it.

Try to move on. Go out and talk to some girls. You'll feel a lot better afterwards.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Or maybe find some hobbies and grow to be comfortable with himself/enjoy some alone time first before jumping back into a relationship or even going out to meet girls.

My ex boyfriend did something similar to this. He asked a girl out on a date through Facebook then sent me all the messages.

Damn!! You are better off.. that is some ****** up shit.

How can there be people that cruel.. It makes me sad