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Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend. I had been hiding the ring in the sock drawer. When I went to retrieve it, the ring was gone and in its place was a sticky note that said "NO." FML
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Is there any chance it could be from one of her parents?


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what a bitch, confront her and tell her it wasn't for her and that you getting engage and leave her.

Yeah o30 I agree with 69. He can just report her .-. Some ops are so st00pid.

She is simply stupid, she says no but takes it anyway . I hope you say something

Cold hearted bitch charge her for stealing like 69 says and toss her ass out

So she's basically like: I'm gonna take the ring, but I'm not gonna marry you... WTF? And why was she going through your drawer in the first place?

juturnaamo 29

Is there any chance it could be from one of her parents?

The worst part is that the ring is missing

even if he did propose, precedent in most states is that if it falls through, she has to give the ring back.

Why would her parents be in his sock drawer?

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2 What if it was from one if his parents though.

Oh wow! I'm assuming you guys live together so you know it was her for sure! You should still talk to her about it, I'm sorry.

Doesn't give her the right to take it if they live together.

That isn't what 4 was saying, 104. She doesn't have a right to take it, but if she and OP live alone together we can say for sure it wasn't a parent or anything like that.

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That completely sucks. My fiancee would have cried his eyes out if I did that to him, but I love him too much. Fyl OP she sounds like a bitch anyway for doing that. You are better off without her. Time to start fresh and new. Good luck. I'm sorry you had to find out that way though.

Did she steal the ring? I think she did. She stole your property OP, you hadn't offered it to her, play it off by saying it was for your mother for taking great care of you etc.

Tell her it was for your other girlfriend of so many years.

Even if he did offer it to her, in the US the ring always goes back to the one who paid for it unless given at Christmas, Valentine's Day or the person's birthday (that makes it a gift). Otherwise it's considered contingent upon a contract (marriage).

I think whoever breaks the engagement gives up the ring. So if she leaves him, he gets the ring, but if he breaks it off, she gets to keep it.

No, it's whoever paid for it unless they were married or it was given on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, their birthday, then it's a gift. If you get married the ring becomes hers.

You should get your ring back since you didn't get married she's can't have it.

He didn't even ask her yet! Even more she shouldn't have it! Op better be getting that back.

On top of the fact even if he did ask her, she would have no claim to it as her answer would have been no. "No, I will not marry you, but I will keep this lovely ring.". No bitch.

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Get your ring back from that thief! You have not officially proposed so it is not her property.

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Oh wow, I'm disappointed. First time my comments ever gotten buried.