By Anonymous - 24/07/2013 16:05 - Canada - Neustadt

Today, I went to a dance and saw a really cute guy. Glow sticks were everywhere, so trying to be cute, I took a broken one and dripped some of the glowing liquid on my chest. It made him notice me, but only for him to point out that I'd managed to cut myself and was bleeding badly. FML
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Your heart certainly bleeds for attention OP...

Why would that be a good idea? "okay, just let me drip some glowing toxic substance on my skin, nothing can go wrong with that"


Maybe next time you should just confront him.

Yeah and isn't the liquid in glow sticks poisonous? Plus it stains your clothes. Silly OP.

oh look at how adorable I am with poisonous glowing **** wtf

Or maybe next time, you should buy DX Glow Sticks, available exclusively at WWESHOP(dot)com

He'll notice when she grows a third deformed boob from that shit

Your heart certainly bleeds for attention OP...

salazara 10

Honey, stop bleeding love on the dance floor.

Probably burns too. I have put some of that stuff on my skin before and about 10 mins later it was burning my skin.

ise3 10

That might just be an allergic reaction. I don't recall having the same experience. Possibly a different brand of glowstick. But what do I know?

It's still poison, especially on an open wound. Way to go with the stupid, OP

Good lesson for next time. Hopefully there won't be one.

Next time just do a sexy glow stick dance.

Wizardo 33

Yeah this is why you do it the mainstream way and just ask the guy for his number or name and talk, forget the underground movement with glow sticks...

Why would that be a good idea? "okay, just let me drip some glowing toxic substance on my skin, nothing can go wrong with that"

I'm wondering why this action would be considered "cute"

Not to mention that stuff probably got into her cut as well.

Not to mention that stuff probably got into her cut as well.

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I saw a skit from 1000 ways to die where a guy injected glow stick stuff into his veins, and he died, people were also soaked and glowing from the stuff. They said it's literally not good for you. But whatever it's a T.V. show, not many things on it are true

I'm sure he meant that's what she was thinking, I don't think he was actually thinking that.

I don't think you fully understand my comment, but alright.

I was thinking more along the lines of her having blood all over her chest. It being transferred there unknowingly while rubbing on the poison. Now that's really not cute.

I'm guessing its a little more on the slutty side...?

90, why are you making her sound like Carrie at the prom? OP was stupidly thinking she was cute, we get it already.

glow sticks have glass inside them. thats what makes the cracking when you activate them.

Plus there are little shards in the liquid. My friends and I did a dance at a competition where we had them turn the lights off. We had sprayed glow sticks over each other beforehand for them to see us. We won! It looked awesome.

There is a little glass tube separating two liquids in the glow stick. When you bend it, it cracks the glass and the liquids react which is what makes it glow.

that is one of the stupidest things you could have done sorry but it is

RedPillSucks 31

Sadly, no. She could have put it on her lips to make her lips glow in the dark. She could have put it in her eye.... There are soooo many stupid stuff people can and will do.

exactly thats why I said one of the stupidest things :)

Just try not to cut yourself next time and I'm sure it'll work out, that's legitimately more interesting than just saying hi. Kind of hard to do that in a loud club anyway.

nurchok 15

And the fact that most people have no idea what the glowing liquid is made of? How about it may be toxic, how about it may have long term effects like give one cancer in a few years? Just stick to saying hi...

CharresBarkrey 15

23 - It's hydrogen peroxide and phenol. It's not going to give you cancer. At the most it'll cause a little redness an irritation.

No kidding. I doubt the glowing substance is good for you. And if you hit it off it kinda wrecks some of the foreplay

giraffes5412 3

Do you even know how cancer's a defect with the p53 gene..the contents of a glow stick cannot do that (alter a cell).

I read "trying to be cute..." and couldn't hit the "YDI" button fast enough. The stuff glows in the dark and is encased in a protective shell for a reason, fool.

simplysarcastics 26

I agree and anyway how is dripping stuff that is most likely poison on you "cute". It was just foolish.

I got some of that stuff in my eyes before at a rave type thing, it burned for a few minutes but it got better pretty soon. So I'm sure pouring it on your chest isn't going to kill you.

Getting hit by a car isn't necessarily going to kill you. That still doesn't mean it's a good idea to walk in front of a moving one

Actually the FML moderators always add in the "trying to be cute" line.