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Today, I went to a concert. Being 6'5" was a great advantage because I could see the stage from wherever I was stood. On the downside, I was used by people as a meeting point. FML
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jpoole 4

Not really that bad, just run around so people get lost.

I'd hate to be the one standing behind you!


I'd hate to be the one standing behind you!

******* tall people! Lol! My first pit area concert was Mötley Crüe. I hated it because I couldn't see. I'm tiny and was only able to see Tommy on drums because he was higher up on stage. :P Side note: Red Hot Chili Peppers are touring!!!

OP that's when you just start whaling on people

yumlicious 4

No, EFF YOUR LIVES for being short. Sucks to be you, haha. Being 6'3 is great.

"Meet me up at that really tall dude back on the top left." "Oh I see him. I'll be there in a couple minutes."

amber551133 5

i recently saw avenged sevenfold live! i can die happy now! :D

I just watched Justin bieber live! I can die hap.... Forget what I said. *walks away quietly*

jpoole 4

Not really that bad, just run around so people get lost.

Sorry to burst your bubble but no matter where op runs he will still be like a sore thumb sticking out. People who arrange to meet next to him will just close in on him like homing missiles even while he is moving. Besides it's tiring to run around like a madman for the entire duration of the concert. Just saying.

unless he ducks just to be an ass haha that's awesome this FML and the comment made me literally lol has has been awhile since I have!

LOL. You, my friend, are amazing. Aahahaha

harrywestt 0

well that is just messed on every level, but at least you did your good deed for the day

Us tall people have more things to step on like some shorties

I was being sarcastical, and 6'1 isn't that tall mister I-try-to-look-tough-on-the-internet

"Eff my life cause I was able to help other people find each other"...

maz255 10

Im tired of this mother effin' snakes on this mother effin' plane!

thats probably not what he ment to say though. he just doesnt like the fact that he is so damn tall, people use him as a meeting point.

Im2Handsom 1

You should of started charging for your services.

poppylamonzo 0

What concert? I went to Mumford and Sons

maz255 10
chickenwalrus 14

6 just because you went to a concert doesnt make it at all likely that you went to the same concert. especially if you're talking mumford & sons

My boyfriend is six four and I can always find him, it's great.

drawmesunshine 17

Lucky. I'm 5'2 and my boyfriend is 5'1. We have to stick together in crowded places. Or use tall people as meeting points. Sorry, OP.

You're dating Tom Cruise? Does Katie Holmes know?

On the bright side you don't have to do anything to get noticed :)

Being a meeting point for people means you could get good karma for helping people.

And here ladies and gentlemen, is the eighth wonder of the world..