By cjgreer70 - 18/01/2014 23:09 - United States - West Linn

Today, I was told I looked like Beaker from the Muppets. After doing a side-by-side comparison, I realized it's true. FML
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Stop selling meth to Big Bird

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Yeah, especially marijuana to Kramit the Frog.

Maybe its time to change hairstyle! Probably new color too.

If they want to be sure that there will be no more resemblance then they can just get some light facial reconstructive surgery.

At least you don't look like miss piggy! Actually Beaker is worse...

I think you need a second opinion, pics please?

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I think the only real way to tell if he looks like beaker for sure is to set him on fire.

I am insanely curious as to how close a resemblance.

Of course the apropriate response is to go "meep meep meep".

Would you rather look like Gonzo? Big ass nose, blue skin, called "weirdo"?

I would kill for Beeker's awesome, fiery hairstyle.

At least you'll be a big hit with kids!