By tallwoman - Denmark
Today, I was at a concert. During the concert, my shoelaces went undone, so I bent down to tie them. Not two seconds later, the girl behind me jumped on my shoulders and refused to get down. She said "tall guys" are the best to ride on during concerts. My name is Maria. FML
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By  pronounciations  |  5

u have a guys name

  Diannaa  |  0

Haha does the OP have like a man voice too? I can picture her struggling to get the chick off her back, screaming in a deep voice... anyway FYL for being mistaken as a man

  seanreddog  |  4

Ya but I don't look like a girl and don't try to so I wouldn't have that problem and anyways I'll take it how I get it as long as she's hot. Anyways lesbian lovin can be pretty hot lol.

  piinkbunnii  |  1

Don't you think shanking is a bit excessive Mr. Raliegh sir??

Isn't tossing her off your back, and then stopping her into the ground until her brains mixes with the dirt well enough??

  KiddNYC1O  |  20

let rephrase last points...

the name Jose-Maria is normal for a guy

the name Maria itself for a guy is rare but also used

therefore, it's also a guys name


Maria is not a guys name. Where did you get that?
Op, I lmao at this! Maybe you look all beefy and manly? What did you do, just let her "ride" you all during the concert? I would have pushed the bitch off. Not too hard, especially since you're big and manly...


Sure, the op could be Mexican, living in Mexico and the name is as unisex there as Pat or Alex here.

BUT CONSIDERING THE OP IS FROM DENMARK I think it's safe to say that the other girl is a complete moron. Unless there's a secret huge Mexican population in denmark /unlikely/

By  cactus_fml  |  0

She was probably really drunk. I saw No Doubt last summer and these extremely drunk girls came up to me and the people I was with and started dancing and spinning us around. I was 15, and I'm a girl, so I was like, uhhhhh okay?