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By savanna - 03/05/2012 04:46 - United States

Today, it was the concert of my life. I had bought tickets the minute they went on sale, and I'd anxiously waited until the concert date. Thirty minutes before the show, my friend got so drunk that we weren't allowed in, and I was stuck babysitting her all night in the hotel, completely missing the show. FML
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should have left her asleep in the hotel and enjoyed the show!

Bieber does NOT count as the "concert of your life".


should have left her asleep in the hotel and enjoyed the show!

After all thats what true friendship all about :)

I think the severity of this suckiness deserves a 'that sucks' comment

If they were TRULY friends, OP would have ditched her ass.

^by chance, would you consider yourself a "bro"?

Should have sent her to the hospital or police station for medical attention or protective custody and then you could have enjoyed the concert.

I completely agree with 1. There's no reason you should have missed out on that because your friend is an idiot. No matter how good a friend they may be.

MizzErikaHart 8

No, op did the right thing by taking care of her friend.. Besides who knows what type of past situations the op has gotten into where the drunk friend had to help out..

53 is right, the OP had a responsibility to take care of her friend in that situation. That said, I think the OP should now seriously consider finding a new friend who's not a reckless, selfish idiot.

You should have ditched her, seen the show, then returned. The next morning lie about it to make her feel guilty and owe you. Cake kept and eaten.

Yes guys. OP should have ditched her. Why? Because its not like it's possible for a drunk person to fall asleep, vomit, and choke on their own vomit and die. You guys are bright. /Sarcasm.

ThisIsMyReign 4

81 - Roll her on her side then ditch her. Besides, OPs friend shouldn't have gotten drunk so early or controlled herself.

#1, 32, 41, 46, 56, 76, 83 : i bet when ur frnds would have done something like this stupid, u guys will surely ditch him/her for anything. But i am glad to say that my friends are not jug heads like you. So what if she got drunk too much and they missed the show, no one said she did it on purpose... However it was just a show not a door of heaven opened for one night & she missed it lol 'people now a days' :/

85: Not sure why you included my comment (56) in your list; I said the OP was right to look after her friend, even though the friend is a selfish moron.

85, yes, they accidentally got beyond drunk. I understand not doing it to be malicious, but they definitely got drunk before the show on purpose

citymayer 7

There would be hell to pay if anyone did that to me. I probably wouldn't ditch my friend but I'd make them pay for my ticket and they'd still owe me. I expect my friends not to be shitheads.

tjv3 10

You should have left her in the hotel

all they said we they got drunk enough not to be let in to the concert. if their friend was seriously drunk then they would have taken them to the hospital, where I WOULD have stayed with them, not the hotel. chances are their friend passed out as soon as they got back and that was it.

#99 well sorry bud, but included u... Coz u said find a new frnd just coz of one mistake lol then u gotta meet my frnd group. #108 i believe that what u said at purpose thing, but there is nothing given in Fml that the purpose was to ruin the show .... However i do understand that watever OP did, by staying with her.... Is what a real frnd would do. Once we five frnds canceled our show at the end moment coz sixth one was sick and rather than going to show we stayed at his place and tried to make his mood. FYI - that band is all of us all time fav... :D

Roikin 6

Wouldn't have been a good friend to leave an unattended drunk associate at a hotel for several reasons. First, what if they don't wake up? Alcohol poisoning is one risk, another one choking on their vomit, another is waking up then causing trouble, leaving then trying to drive, etc.

Not much of a friend you have there...

_ebbonyy 11

you should have pretended you didn't know her and gone in by yourself! if she was selfish enough to ruin your night, you should have been selfish enough to ruins hers right back ;)

Yeah, because her friend obviously intended to ruin her night...

LunaDragon 10

Actually, what Op should have done is gotten her friends shoe laces and tied her to a chair. Then Op should have drawn a penis on her forehead, and gone to the concert and enjoyed herself, when she got back her friend will still be in exact same spot, (unless she's related to Harry Houdini) then proceeded to take a pic or vid and posted it to FB or YouTube for almost ruining her night. I'm sure her friend will always think about how much she drinks around Op again. ;p

_ebbonyy 11

33- stop being a smartass, I just meant if she was selfish enough to not control herself to the point where she got that drunk. so stop trying to be a hero :-)

fricknugget 3

Should punch your friend in the face.. Not like they'll remember ;)

Will OP deliver? Stay tuned to find out.

I think it's the fact that OP missed the concert.

GoingToBeAPilot1 6

How much did the tickets cost?* How much were the tickets?*

^^They understood what they were saying, they were just making a joke out of it.

Well, it IS a factor in the FML. Like, it's bad enough OP missed the concert, if they were expensive then that hurts too.

Fuck the concert, you should get equally drunk with your friend, then get revenge on her.

p3mguin 7

THROW UP ON HER! Oh wait nobody does that? Oh, ok then.

Bieber does NOT count as the "concert of your life".

Da_Bauss435 8

You're correct, and Lady Gaga doesn't count either

Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert does though, that's a hell of a show right there Doc.

Probably Celine Dion... I shudder just typing that...

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

25 - Gaga's concerts are actually pretty insane. You don't even need to be a fan of her 'music' to enjoy them. Or trip to them, rather.

challan 19

Doc, maybe you can cure her of her Bieber fever.

alisidewinder 9

Now gaga throws an insane concert. Like Marylyn mansion it's a must see.

ssnowywinter 0

Nah, Rammstein definitely wins for 'Most Insane Concert'

67 Did you just use lady gaga and Marilyn Manson in the same sentence? Society has finally caved in on itself.

Ladies ladies, we all know Queen is the best band ever and I just so happen to be fortunate enough to be seeing their tribute tour this summer. Envy me.

^Got any spare tickets? I want to join you.

BossFML1996 1

I wish I can throw beiber in a shark tank

Elephantom - I already saw Queen with Paul Rogers a few years ago. Suck it.

74, actually Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson recorded a song together, a remix of "Love game".

redmane 21

Tool puts on an extremely amazing show. The lights they use are so trippy and if the venue has it, they play the music video on a ******* huge screen. I couldn't hear anything afterward.

104 Dude that's the best setlist ever.... Luckily I get to see slipknot at mayhem festival this summer. :D

Go to a Rob Zombie concert. It will **** you up in a good way.

Ahem, Dora the musical is definitely the most thrilling stage performance of them all. Even beating out "Diego Live!"

KiddNYC1O 20

Tough choice. But I think you made the right one. If something had happened to her, you wouldn't forgive yourself.

MetalxSoldier 26

You should have lied. "I'm not with that girl. I'm a groupie that came alone (;"

That's what friends are for??? Jk, you poor girl :(

linkinpark98 23

And that's when you casually sneak out the door, down the stairs, and go enjoy what you're missing! :D She'll be too drunk to notice anyways. :P

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