By oww - 05/04/2011 07:46 - United States

Today, I went to a baseball game. It was windy, so I decided to get my hat from the car trunk. When I opened it and reached in, loose papers started flying everywhere. Panicked, my dad slammed the trunk shut on my fingers. Entering the stadium, I discovered it was free hat day. FML
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Hell, to get a free hat I'd take a few bruised fingers. Remember, a hat is for life, not just for baseball games. Plus your fingers would heal. The void in your heart craving for a hat would take much longer..

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obvious prostitute


I don't understand why the majority of people said that OP deserved it.

Me no hablo en English. :(

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tu parle français??

rallets 22

hablas espanol?

you obviously don't speak Spanish either cause that was terrible "me I don't speak in English" ?

you obviously don't speak Spanish either, I don't speak alot but even I know that doesn't make sense / the grammar is terrible ..

35, that's what I was thinking.

33: And I suppose you speak perfect Spanish? O.0 *snort* My comment was perfectly reasonable. Since "me" and "I" are the same- it's fair game. From then on everything was grammatically correct, and it's spelled hablo with "h", btw. Grrr... Go mess with someone else's comments. >:/

P.S. I'm perfectly aware "me" means "Yo". >:/

I'm perfectly aware "me" means "Yo", I decided to make a Spanglish comment for X reasons. Therefore, don't judge what you cannot understand.

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22, 39, 41, 45, it's not that serious. Calm down a bit.


wat does op mean I'm new

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original poster

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orange peel

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obvious prostitute

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I don't get it either, but at least the majority is fyl, now. :)

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old pussy

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Ornamental Pubes

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59 get familiar with the term "op", it's oblong penis

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oozing pimple

MrFlintstone 5

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no no, all wrong. it's oprahs penis

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operation p. e. n. u. s. e. x. o. r. a e. t. i. i. t i. r s. n. i n e. y. e. s g. m. f l. y y. i n g l y satisfying

OP deserved it for going to a dodger game

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104, you stole my comment haha, i TOTALLY agree. Why do you need a hat? Like really?

Your dad did the right thing, smart man.

i would have done the same.

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yeah he's smart. he just smashed his son's hand so he couldn't masturbating at night.

Yeah OP is right. it's windy as fuck in Northern California.

At least you got a free hat.

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at least it wasn't hat free day.

17, reread the post. it says it was free hat day.

23, reread 17's comment

rallets 22

25, reread 34's comment

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lmbo 17 and 34

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25, reread 23's comment

theten_fml 9

23, I know what it says. thank you 25

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lol 67, I understand what you meant.

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ughh..all these numbers are confusing me

Too bad it wasn't FREE BALLOON DAY!!

Better to have had it and not needed it, than needed it and not have it.. Now you don't need it, an ya get a free hat. Maybe they'll give you free ice too.. for your hand.

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What she needs now are new fingers to replace the ones that got slammed off in the trunk

Hell, to get a free hat I'd take a few bruised fingers. Remember, a hat is for life, not just for baseball games. Plus your fingers would heal. The void in your heart craving for a hat would take much longer..

I disagree a hat can only bring joy for a little while. Fingers on the other hand can bring joy whenever the time calls for it.

Unless you are a Hat Collector. :P

I wouldn't get too excited over a hat. I mean, come on.

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You got a free hat at least if u find the other you can have two

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woww that sucks! but its ok u got a hat!!! :)

who keeps there hat in the trunk of a car. FYL.

Why do you need a hat if it's windy?? Makes no sense. If it was sunny and you wanted protection, I'd understand, but really.. if anything, your hat would continually get blown off.

a hat will help control long hair from blowing around in the breeze

a hat will also get carried away by the breeze... if your hair is long it would be better to tie it back


Thank you!! I was looking for a comment like yours but apparently everyone thinks that hats are made for windy days, not sunny. the hat will definitely blow away!

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You can tighten baseball hats.

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Yea that's what I was thinking. "it sure is windy, good thing I have my hat!" just doesn't make sense to me. if you have long hair then tie it back.

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if she has bangs, the hat would keep them from flying into her eyes. it's annoying as hell.

Free hats > Fingers anyday

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Unless you're single...