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By justhereforlaughs - 12/09/2011 22:32 - United States

Today, while at the beach, my little brother's hat blew off. I chased after it before I completely lost sight and realized I was no match for the wind. I get back and he's wearing the hat. I chased a fucking trash bag for a mile thinking it was his hat. FML
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Save the Earth.

Something is wrong with the OP's eyes :)


Something is wrong with the OP's eyes :)

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Who chases a hat for that long?

indielove 13

At least you were trying to help! even though I don't get how you mistook a trashbag for a hat.

enonymous 8

I'm sure if you thought it was a cupcake you'd have caught it OP

I thought op said it blew off his brothers head? Wth was it doing there in the first place??

tmmundy 17 made me lol ?

tmmundy 17

although, I didn't put a "?" after my comment, grrrr

tmmundy 17

I would have done the same thing for my girls OP, if I thought it was their hat. We look out for the ones we love and sometimes we make ourselves look silly,lol, but at least we can run after hats at the beach. =)

No joke, I moderated this.

58, OMG, are you serious? My life is complete knowing that you modded this FML.

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At least you got your excersice

45....u iz retarded

8- a mile of jogging can take as little as 7 minutes for someone who's in shape and is athletic enough, so it's not too much time of your day

Save the Earth.

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How do you mistake a trashbag for a hat?

Same color, size, etc. Multiple reasons.

rexgar2000 10

not that's nit the reasons... no excuse for making a mistake like that. you cam tell by the way the bag is moving in the air that is not a hat.

Or the hat is that ugly. :P

whoisthisgirl 4

Well when I was younger I mistaken a stump for a squirrel.. Also a trash bag on a tree as my black cat, and multiple other stumps as deer... Yeah I needed glasses :)

Bekeliyr 10

Even if there was a possibility that she could have mistaken it for a hat, she would've seen the hat flown back somewhere to where her brother could get it. Unless a trashbag and a hat magically was blowing in the same direction at the same time. Since a hat has more air resistance, I'm pretty sure it won't blow a hat that far like a trashbag. And before I finish, why did she run a mile before she gives up and why can't the brother run for it himself? Just saying!

Geneside 8

OP is most likely a leader of a green planet cult

But it builds character

renaee 13

I meant to thumb up. Sorry.

perdix 29

You probably needed the exercise, fattie. I'll bet the lifeguards were signalling in semaphore that a beaching was imminent.

perdix 29

Heh-heh, but at least I had a sexy vet checking out my blowhole. Good times! I have mixed feelings about losing weight -- being the ultimate prize for that demographic known as "plumpa humpas" had its high points, but being able to watch myself receive a blowjob without mirrors, winches and scaffolding is even nicer ;)

I immensely dislike people like you.

20- You tell 'em.

Hey, guess what? Fuck you

perdix 29

#20, Why, you don't look very fat? I think you mean "intensely," not "immensely." Oops, now you have a reason to dislike me. So much for my efforts at diplomacy.

Gargoyle123 2

Actually #55 number #20 was correct with her usage of the word immensely: 1. Extremely 2. Of boundless or immeasurable size or extent. as opposed to, Intensenly: Possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to an extreme degree.

perdix 29

#57, the use of immensely may not be wrong, but it's poor usage. Immense is usually used with something measurable, like size, wealth, etc. In her pic, #20 doesn't look like a fattie, so I don't know why she's running to their defense. Maybe there are some immense folks amongst her friend and family. In any case, I don't know why I get the hate. The image of a fat girl running down the beach with the tits and ass and fat rolls and chins flopping all over the place is just like smile-producing sunshine!

No I just dislike douche bags

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Perdix is Jesus

78- I was hoping you would say that.

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78- If you hate douche-bags, you probably are really dirty and gross down below. You should stop hating, and start cleaning. You may start attracting flies soon, and they'll be your only friends. When I think of the word "immensely" I think of big objects as well. Yes, perdix. Smile-producing sunshine all over..and by all over..I mean it.

Aww man I'm really upset now. A 16 year old girl from Michigan made no sense at all.

Either you need your eyes checked or he has a really big hat.

nick347b 6

Who DOESN'T chase random trash bags when they go to the beach?

I don't, but now I have a mission...

I feel like I've been challenged >:)

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But, a bag and a hat... I see no resemblance.

FMLephant 2

The most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Yes, I video taped it just so I could watch it dance while I smoke weed. *cries* *I know what you're talking about.(:

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I see what you've done there *smiles*