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Today, I went to an amateur baseball game with some family and friends. When our team hit a home run, my grandpa took it upon himself to start screaming wildly, removing his prosthetic leg and waving it jubilantly in the air. FML
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  Zeek63  |  0

it could have been worse like that guy that died because he fell out of the stands and in-between the scoreboard 20 ft trying to catch a ball...

  tjv3  |  10

your grandpa rocks. my coworker goes tubing on the river sometimes and takes her leg off and uses it to hold her beer and drinks out of it.

By  Molord1  |  0

suck his leg

  sandydg350762  |  0

I couldn't agree more with daysgoby902. Poster...lighten up! Who cares what people think. Your Grandpa was enjoying himself! Be glad he's still alive and healthy enough to do that.