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Today, I went to an amateur baseball game with some family and friends. When our team hit a home run, my grandpa took it upon himself to start screaming wildly, removing his prosthetic leg and waving it jubilantly in the air. FML
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thats one pimp grandpa

daysgoby902 6

I think your grandpa sounds Awesome, he's old let him live and maybe you should learn to laugh a little


whoa!! :o crazy person xD

He probably just had a WWII flashback and was actually in his mind waving his leg around at Hitler doing a ballroom jig.

he sounds like my kinda grandpa

GuitarFail123 9

haha i wanna party with tht guy!xD

Why did you take your senile grandpa to a baseball game not expecting this?

Zeek63 0

it could have been worse like that guy that died because he fell out of the stands and in-between the scoreboard 20 ft trying to catch a ball...

That happened last night. Saw it on the local news. And I'm going to that same stadium tomorrow haha

supermankisses 1

If you're happy and you know it, wave your... leg?

I'd rather have a crazy supportive granpa than a negative nancy granpa.

Now that's what I call team spirit.

29- who said anything about ops granda being senile. not old people are mental you know

Now that's what I call a fake! Zing!

troIIolol 0

and thiz is a fml why??

he's so cute!!! but maybe not for OP at that point in time:P

ol granpa shud fist sum gurls wit da legg KEKEKEKEKEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sneeze_watch 19

I don't see how this is an FML. He sounds pretty awesome.

Imapean19 4

At least it wasn't his teeth

i luv crazy old farts like that

You love crazy old farts? Ew.

Tthank you for uploading this I haven't laughed that hard in ages, best FML ever.

Grandpa= WINNING !!!

tjv3 10

your grandpa rocks. my coworker goes tubing on the river sometimes and takes her leg off and uses it to hold her beer and drinks out of it.

justynicole 0

can I adopt your grandpa? he sounds like the life of a party!

suck his leg

agreed. maybe op needs some practice and it will calm the grandpa down.

You are a royal dumbass, and a good one at that :D

I think there is a direct correlation between wanting a top comment and the stupidity of the comment

Graph it and find out

Your Grandpa sounds awesome. I don't get what your problem is with this. OP.

lmfao xlord you got it X'D

what the fuck molord stop posting dumb shit. killed it with your dumb ass comment

thats one pimp grandpa

socksonparade9 0

i agree! granpa ftw! (:



he might actually start a trend! goodbye, foam fingers!!!!

Hello prosthetic limbs!!:)

shadows17 0


hryffff 11

Aww I personally think that's cute

footballstar13 0

That must suck! /:

haven't you heard? it's the latest craze nowadays. all the cool granddads are doing it!

haha soo funny wat do u want for christ mas sunny

beerisnot4kids 0

Christmas is one word, sonny

Emmi3xo 4


i no but im just bored

daysgoby902 6

I think your grandpa sounds Awesome, he's old let him live and maybe you should learn to laugh a little

I couldn't agree more with daysgoby902. Poster...lighten up! Who cares what people think. Your Grandpa was enjoying himself! Be glad he's still alive and healthy enough to do that.

at one point or another I think we all wish we could remove a leg and use it as a celebratory item

dewby98 0

oh yes!!!

dewby98 0

oh yes!!!

This person's grandpa is awesome!

is your grandpa senile? Ahaha jk thats hilarious tho

that's when you pretend you don't know him....

supermankisses 1

...and that's when he whops you upside the head with his cane.

why would they do that?! coolest Grampa ever... ...he's my new idol :)

truetrue.... I would love if my grandpa pulled off his leg. that is just truly inspirational(:

make up ur mind....

you just commented that you should pretend you don't know him.

I was being sarcastic....

SteelCladAngel 0

LOL why is this an Fml? your grandad sounds absolutely hilarious

DKjazz 20

Your grandpa is my hero.