By DoesNotLikeCubes - 06/07/2009 20:08 - Qatar

Today, I spent 3 hours looking at a youtube video for how to do rubik's cube. Even after being told how to do it, I couldn't finish it. I scroll down at the comments and read "Awesome! I'm 10 and can do it in 3 minutes now!". I'm 28 and still couldn't get it, even with a guide. FML
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I think you need to get out more, mate.

I cant do one either, but my 9 year old brother can in less a minute. And hes an idiot. So I feel your pain


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dont worry, im a genius and i sure as hell cant do em

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so!! some people can do it some can't. my uncle is 32 and he can't do it. no one in my family i have known has done it so shut the **** up and take how a 28 year old will take it

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anyone can do em with enough time spent.. and once you get it down you will get faster and faster but a kid learns quicker then any adult.. this isn't anything new.. you just have to put more effort into it to get it to stick.. keep at it and you will be a master in no time

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I can't do it either, but I am having a contest right now. Go to and subscribe me for your chance at an iTunes giftcard.

the only thing thats FML is that you're 28 and whining about it

Thats cause he's got his left inverted confused with regular left, I'm willing to put money on it

I can't tie a perfect tie with a guide.

I think you need to get out more, mate.

Um, most likely he lied. I wouldn't really stress out about it... Solving a rubik's cube in 3 minutes or 3 hours isn't all that impressing, I guess you can say. But hey, that's just me. Maybe that turns some girls on or something.

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Girls throw their panties at me when I solve a Rubik's cube.

#32 straight up hahaha ...Sorry #36 i did it in 1:16

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3 minutes isn't impressive!? **** that.

The algorithms are actually really simple. 3 minutes is nothing. It's less than 1 minute that's hard. 3 minutes isn't even impressive for a 4x4 cube. That MIGHT be a good time for a 5x5 cube, those things can be difficult.

you shouldnt rly worry about that. its easier for kids to learn something than adults are, because they are still mentally flexible. that's why it's easier for a kid to learn a new language more easily than an adult probably would.

I cant do one either, but my 9 year old brother can in less a minute. And hes an idiot. So I feel your pain

and like nuclear said, it's not all that hot. it's impressing when you're a teenager, but as an adult it just makes you look like a major nerd.

its all formulas start by solving 1 side ( side = center's color ) look for a tutorial rather than on youtube! ............... FYL!

wow maybe you should find something more exciting to do

Exactly! Do a cross based on whatever colour the centre square is, then do the 4 corners.. Lather, rinse, repeat.

As the great Demitri Martin said (paraphrasing): "A Rubik's Cube is like a transvestite. They're both colorful, but I don't wanna do it."

This is one of the greatest/ funniest comments I have ever read! XD and I feel the same way.

They're cool, but don't stress it. People's minds work differently. Aptitudes are different for different people- art, mathematics, who the hell knows. I can't get more than 1 side of a cube done before dropping it.