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in "college" after parties people hook up and go to the guys dorm to have sex. early morning all the girls walk (hangovers and all) back to their rooms to get ready for class. it's called "the walk of shame" for that sole reason. I believe it's because they probably commit adultery or w/e (thus the name). but it's nothing bad.

  shakethat  |  10

it's the walk of shame because as your leaving in your clothes from the night before you realize everyone knows what you just got done doing. if it were a guy then yes walk of victory but a girl can't get laid without being portrayed as a whore thus "walk of Shame"

  RedPillSucks  |  31

When he said "I want your Cherry", she though he meant Cherry Coke.
She was surprised when she entered his room with a can of coke and he had his pants down.


It's a walk of shame because his parents were in the house while they had sex which isn't very classy. If she was wearing the same clothes from the night before, I'm pretty sure that constitutes an automatic 'walk of shame' since it's obvious she never went home the night before.

By  lmaoatall  |  6

congrats, you lived up to the term the walk of shame. bet they noticed too! good job for destroying their house. you should go up to them and ask if you can come back and visit soon. take pics of their expressions and send them to us. I need a good laugh