By stairmaster - 05/04/2011 07:47

Today, while attempting to sneak out of my boyfriend's parents' house during my walk of shame, I fell down the stairs, spilling cherry coke all over myself, their walls, and the carpet. FML
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perdix 29

Spilling cherry pop after getting your cherry popped? There's just something poetically beautiful about that.

awardZu 0

You should be more careful when you do you walk of shame. It's a proud tradition, and you have tainted it with cherry coke. Shame on you!


nmearayta 0

I just hope she got a little kiss afterwards.

this must be a female's way of marking her territory..

mintcar 9

18, I really hope you're joking. Are you really /that/ dense?

clearly he's joking. n it was worth it because the fall ensures she's not pregnant

hihi1212 1

honestly you dumba$$ they had S-E-X i mean really. if you have any further questions put on your big kid panties and go ask you mommy or daddy.

...but if this is all about sex, why does she call it the walk of shame? The walk of victory would be a better name, wouldn't it?

in "college" after parties people hook up and go to the guys dorm to have sex. early morning all the girls walk (hangovers and all) back to their rooms to get ready for class. it's called "the walk of shame" for that sole reason. I believe it's because they probably commit adultery or w/e (thus the name). but it's nothing bad.

nutsackmuscle 0

18 I think you should change your name to Harvey dense.

nutsackmuscle 0

Yes, but she's dating this guy, so I think OP should've worded it a little better.

#37 - I just want you to know that I made a drawing of Mohammed yesterday. Then I burned it.

shakethat 10

it's the walk of shame because as your leaving in your clothes from the night before you realize everyone knows what you just got done doing. if it were a guy then yes walk of victory but a girl can't get laid without being portrayed as a ***** thus "walk of Shame"

mygreenhoodie 0

FYL for spilling cherry coke

YDI for spilling it, party foul :'( sprite would have been ok, but cherry coke?

0-60 in a few months :( and it was a nice car. then it decided to loose a head on collision. stupid ford

So... Is there some sort of correlation between Cherry Coke and doing the nasty with your boyfriend? Kinky.

RedPillSucks 31

When he said "I want your Cherry", she though he meant Cherry Coke. She was surprised when she entered his room with a can of coke and he had his pants down.

high-five bro, I do that everyday !

has anyone else wondered yet why she would even have a walk of shame from her boyfriends house.... usually they're only from one night stands.

hereforthehour01 0

90- No, I was wondering the same thing. And, no lol, obviously it wasn't worth it if the OP had to call it a walk of shame when she was dating the guy :P

94- haha so true poor guy... nvm poor girl :| actually idk this could go either way

Poor parents! Who's getting that coke out of the carpet?!

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

It's a walk of shame because his parents were in the house while they had sex which isn't very classy. If she was wearing the same clothes from the night before, I'm pretty sure that constitutes an automatic 'walk of shame' since it's obvious she never went home the night before.

Was it really cherry coke, or some other liquid you had to dispose of.

Frelling 0

Maybe they added the cherry to make it more PG. What OP really meant was they powdered the place because they are a coke *****.

Evangeline1 0

and apparently he's using the cheapest contraception ever found.

Well, did you also wear the scarlet letter on your shirt.. lol!?

Literature reference. I see what you did there.

chachachandler 5
awardZu 0

You should be more careful when you do you walk of shame. It's a proud tradition, and you have tainted it with cherry coke. Shame on you!

lmaoatall 6

congrats, you lived up to the term the walk of shame. bet they noticed too! good job for destroying their house. you should go up to them and ask if you can come back and visit soon. take pics of their expressions and send them to us. I need a good laugh