By disturbed2103 - 09/07/2009 00:07 - United States

Today, I was looking at my friend's dad's Facebook pictures because he recently posted a status update. I saw him at a bar with some ugly hooker that he was feeling up in almost every picture. After about 10 minutes of ridiculing and laughing at this ugly woman, I realize it's my mom in a wig. FML
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you cant identify your mom when shes wearing a wig? i spose when bugs bunny comes on screen wearing a tube top stuffed with coconuts you think thats a real woman too.

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Either you needa get glasses, or your mom needs to get a better disguise.



omg you get a prize because your first you are soooooo amazing I'm jeolous *sarcasticly*

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ur a dick bro… Dont Judge or Karma Will Get you

Who gives a shit?

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congratz!! Want a cookie?

if you think your moms ugly.. your probably ugly to... FIRST BITCHEEES!

go back to school. you seem too stupid to count...

To be fair, they were all posted at the same time. On the other hand..'your' probably ugly 'to'..yah, that's stupid.

missmeliss0309 0

#31 ftw!

ifailplzinsultme 0

69th bitches!!!! Don't make jokes, I only wish i was 69!

pwned. i was first. diaf. oh and btw, it's 'you're'.

why are you criticizing people on their grammar if you arrant going to bother using proper grammar to do so?

*aren't. and DIAF and BTW are accepted internet slang, if you knew absolutely anything. Don't criticize my grammar if you can't SPELL. It seems everything I spelled was spelled correctly. Moron. I could write 2 pages on why you shouldn't have even written that comment, but it'd be a waste of my time.

missmeliss0309 0

oh shut up sunny. ur retarded. "first?" stop being a grammar nazi.

lol. Whatever. Everyone else does it. You're probably one of the culprits too. :D

Thanks, Sunny. We need people to defend the poor English language. X3 And I mean that sincerely. In any case, OP, it could have been worse. It could've been your dad in a wig.

Yeah, but you get criticized for using good grammar and punctuation. It's the dumbing down of American society. God forbid someone know how to spell. I assume most people think proper spelling and grammar are overrated, because they can use spell check. The ironic thing is, spell check works in my browser. Although I went to private school so I don't really need it to spell properly. The downfall of most societies is ignorance.

"Although I went to private school so I don't really need it to spell properly. The downfall of most societies is ignorance." I go to public school. Strange, I can still spot a sentence fragment when I see one. "Although" is a superfluous word in this case, and it's not always synonymous with "but". Prick.

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#66 Haha, possibly me hero.

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Who gives a damn if someone spelled something wrong? Damn, grammar nazis are so damn annoying. AND who really gives a **** if you're "first"? THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF COMMENTING ON PEOPLE'S FMLs! OP, sucks for you. You should tell your mom that she looks better without the wig ;)

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40, she is simply saying if you aren't going to write in proper English, then don't call somebody out on it.

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and just because you went to private school doesn't mean your smarter than me. I went to the University of Michigan with a public school education.

haha you owned yourself

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Either you needa get glasses, or your mom needs to get a better disguise.

Selaphia 3

Oh, ew... That's disturbing...

Oh god disturbed for life!

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I just think its weird that you spent ten minutes looking at a picture of your friend's dad with an ugly hooker. I bet after ten MORE minutes you realized it was your grandma in a wig who looks a lot like your mom.

Nice one! hahahahaaaa!!

Um... YDI for being a facebook stalker.