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Today, I was walking down the street in downtown Charleston where there are a lot of horse-drawn carriage tours and I decided to pick up some litter. Some of it was in a puddle of water, but after I picked up the trash, I realized the puddle was horse urine. FML
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  Zezing  |  0

Yeah WTF, who puts their hand in a puddle to pick up garbage?
Today some freak put his hand in my piss looking for treasure FHL
"NNeeiigghhhh gallop gallop gallop."


They don't cause traffic jams in downtown chas. They pretty much go the speed limit and if not it's easy to get around them. Unless you get stuck behind them on S or N market. Now the guys with the rickshaw things get in the way, even though they're pretty
But I mean seriously, if there's a whole puddle of pee, how did you not SMELL that?