By Aggressive - 09/07/2013 08:54 - Ireland - Dublin

Today, my husband and I threw a party with non-alcoholic wine. No one acted wasted, until in the last hour my grandmother started slurring her words and slumping. We thought she was joking, until a doctor at the party confirmed she was having a stroke. FML
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Aggressive tells us more.

Hello everyone. She's doing very well now! The doctors at the hospital told us it was only a minor stroke luckily. We were extremely lucky to have a doctor at the house indeed. And sorry to hear about your loss #70.:(

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Qwermy 16

Well good thing there was a doctor in the house...

Luunatic 13

Hope she's ok. My grandma just passed from a stroke.


That sounds very awkward. I hope she is okay.

OP you were actually lame enough to have a party without drinks. You deserve it and more. Sounds like the most boring party ever, I would have left lol.

I'm not one to judge but damn man, glad you aren't my friend.

@58 if you actually find the idea of this uptight conservative kiddy party appealing in any manner, I'm glad I don't know you. Seriously brother, not having alcohol at a party, ok thats not too bad, if you just want a certain atmosphere. Having 'non-alcoholic' wine? That sounds like something a 12 year old would do. I bet they had apple juice and pretended it was scotch. Just sounds like a pointless and pathetic event that only people who were very low on the social scale would attend, no offense.

Blame it on the ahh ahh alco- Whoa wait a second

Qwermy 16

Well good thing there was a doctor in the house...

Imhere4fml 24

Comment FAIL!

Has no one here ever heard the line " is there a doctor in the house!?" Geeez. Tough crowd.

35 Yes, that's why we thumbed it up instead of adding pointless comments to the thread.

I honestly hate the FML community. Holy shit. So damn critical.

dontgivafuk 9

haha.... the "community" got someone to snap! haha...

#56 no one forced you to be here. Don't like the community? leave.

yeah #23 I've always felt that this community is really uptight and douchey

Some are dicks, some just have fun being snarkey but don't mean anything by it. But there are also some very nice people on here too.

I actually agree with 105. I stepped back from it a bit because of it. It's unnecessary really.

Damian95 16

Dang...Grandmas can get crazy.

im not sure having a stroke is "getting crazy"

Im guessing you didn't read the FML very clearly

Damian95 16

Oh Ok I guess having a stroke is perfectly normal and not a bit out of routine. Thank you for enlightening me.

I looked up the word "crazy" in a dictionary, and, oddly enough, the definition wasn't "out of routine." I think abnormal is closer to what you're looking for.

#3 she was having a stroke....

Jeez I'm so sorry! Don't worry OP it wasn't your fault, you couldn't have known that your Grandmother was actually having a stroke, just be thankful you had a Doctor present who could tell before It may have been too late! I hope your Grandmother is doing well in hospital

Here in the States we're inundated with stroke symptom PSAs, most people have at least a passing knowledge of what to look for. Maybe other countries don't do the same, which is a shame, as quick action can sometimes lessen the residual effects of a stroke.

#43 Not sure where in "the States" you're at, but I can't remember the last time I saw/heard a stroke PSA here in WI.

im sorry OP i wish your grandmother well.

Ranchtastic 4

Well it's a good thing you only served non-alcoholic wine, otherwise you might not have noticed your grandma.

So, somewhat off topic, but anyone else notice the OP appears to be male but has a husband? I'm curious if that was a mistake registering the account or its actually accurate.

#7 probs a mistake, same sex marriage isn't legal anywhere in the British isles yet.

Hmm, it looks like my comment ninja vanished and so did the male symbol on OP, lol.

Smoldering 15

I hope she pulls out of this alright op, and this she has a speedy recovery.

Good thing there was a doctor who noticed that. I hope she is okay.

That is absolutely awful. I hope she recovers with no negative effects from the stroke. In a way, it was lucky it happened at the party and not while she was alone.