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Today, a bunch of friends and I went skinny dipping in a pond. The guys all grabbed the ladies' underpants and waved then around. My bloody pad was inside of one of them. FML
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the string would be hanging out if she went skinny dipping lol and the pad wouldn't have been bloody if she had a tampon. ^


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the string would be hanging out if she went skinny dipping lol and the pad wouldn't have been bloody if she had a tampon. ^

But she wasn't wearing a tampon, so knowing that, why would she go skinny dipping?

Yeah. Even if her flow was so heavy that she was wearing extra protection, she'd still be bleeding down herself. Gross.

Because most women don't bleed in water. Blood comes out using gravity. The counter pressure of water prevents it from leaving the body. She'd be fine until she had to leave the water. Her flow could be light enough not to worry about that.

Do people seriously think blood comes out under water? Especially the girls on here should know, even if she was heavy you'd barely get a dribble, you could easily run to your underwear without embarrassment. Why is no one wondering why these guys are even touching someone else's underwear?

#39 That's not always true for everyone.


my thing is that 1 wear a tampon, a string is better to look at (if anyone could see it at all) than a bloody pad. 2. if you know you're on your period excuse yourself from water activities if you don't have access to a tampon or cup. 3. don't leave bloody underwear within easy reach of other people. YDI on this one OP.

I can't wear tampons...they're too painful to insert. OP might be the same way. Tampons aren't for everyone. Even women who don't have oddly shaped cervixes could find them uncomfortable, so how about we don't judge OP for not wanting to wear a tampon.

Why is it the first thing everyone does is blame the girl whenever a guy does something with their personal belongings/clothes?

Did you even bother to read the rest of the comments? There are multiple comments that blame the guys for touching her underwear, the end #39 for example.

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We wonder the unlnown. Its easy to assume the guys took the girls undies just to see some boobies. However, our sex education dont give a crap about girls periods and therefore some people wonder why a girl would go in water on a period thinking that blood flows out like piss.

USUALLY, girls do not continue bleeding when there is water present. This is the case with very few exception. If you are a female and don't believe me, experiment! take a freaking bath and see that the water isn't bloody.

the girls in the commercials say you can't even feel tampons. then the next thing you know they're jumping around in the water and having a good time. According to the world of advertising YDI for not wearing a tampon.

If only life worked the way commercials say!

Sorry but 1st you're not a girl and even if you are you don't dictate other girls. 2nd it's the guys faults for wanting to be dirty and they deserved to be slapped full force with a bloody pad over and over. 3rd No one gives a shit about your opinions Kay.

Yes, the guys are disgusting, but if for some reason she was unable to wear a tampon, she should have excused herself from skinny dipping. Even if the guys haven't gotten to her underwear, putting them back in with a bloody pad. Eww. As well, I have taken a bath while on my period, and yes, I have still bleed. It depends how long you are in the water for, and every single woman is different in how they bleed. As a woman, I still say YDI.

Rosebudx 32

Having been a lifeguard for two years, I can say that plenty of women do bleed in water. Sometimes even enough to shut down the pool...

Okay, pond water (presumably at night) is not exactly crystal clear. Even if she bled, it's likely no one would notice. I'm sure if OP had thought that she was bleeding so much that she'd leave bloody trails everywhere, she would've excused herself. Women are not stupid. While accidents occur, most of us have a pretty good handle on our bodies. Stop blaming OP. She did nothing wrong.

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Some girls still bleed in the water. Not every female automatically stops.

Since I'm a swimmer that practices every day, I can say with experience that not all periods stop while in the water. All our bodies are different.

Tampons shouldn't be long enough to touch the cervix.

If not bleeding in the water was really something a girl can rely on, why do we have to wear tampons when we swim? I know that I, for one (sorry for the tmi) have a bit heavier flow so my period wouldn't stop completely. So there's no need to make generalizations about personal hygiene (I'm looking at you, #39). I'm guessing this was a situation in which a somewhat spontaneous decision was made and OP didn't have access to a place in which she could dispose of her used pad. And like others were saying, maybe OP's flow was lighter, eliminating the problem of worrying about it. But honestly everyone has different situations when it comes to periods, so we really can't know anything unless OP clarifies.

The fact about water counteracting with pressure is not true. In reality most of the blood is very soluable in water so it really just gets diluted so it seems like there is no blood but in reality it has just been diluted in, say, a swimming pool ir pond.

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She might not be ON her period and might just be spotting.

I have to take baths because it's the only thing that soothes my pains when I'm on my period... And every single time I have had to get out due to my bath having a lot of blood in it... Every girl is different, so just because it doesn't come out for you in water doesn't mean it's the same for everyone.... Us girls only have what we know and have experienced to go by.. So yes some girls are going to be disgusted and iffy about this when they read it because that's what they have to go through. And I'm a huge believer that girls that are on their period should exclude water activities because it's a lot more hygienic... And if you really do want to go swimming DONT do it skinny dipping because not everyone wants to swim in another persons filth... And you DONT know for sure if your blood has escaped in the water ... So just be thoughtful of others

Why not? It's not going to get any clothes dirty, and it's a pond, not a swimming pool, so the water is full of biological secretions already.

there is literally no such thing as "counter pressure" in the water that will keep your period blood in, the water dilutes the blood to the point where it may not be noticeably but you are definitely still bleeding

The hells your problem the girl was dumb for going skinny dipping period whether she was on her period or not The guys shouldn't have taken the panties but they were being immature they do t deserve to be scared for there immaturity And before you insult my spelling IDGAF

She had a pad on dipshit, who wears a big pad and a tampon?

Blood can come out on your period in water, i used to do competitive swimming i started my period in the pool a few times, it was really embarrassing

I would say **** the life of whoever discovered your bloody pad. If you're on your period and your going swimming why on earth wouldn't you use a tampon?!

The pad wouldn't be bloody if she had a tampon in tho

Not only that, many women find tampons uncomfortable.

Tampons aren't an option for everyone. They're impossible for me to put in, and I know there are women without my physical abnormalities who still find them uncomfortable.

and why would you LEAVE YOUR PAD on the underpants?

Why not leave the pad on the underpants? If they're skinny dipping there might not be a garbage can handy. Plus maybe it isn't fully used up and she doesn't want to waste pads. If she's still skinny dipping it's likely that either her flow is light or she had been using the pad as backup to a tampon, so it's not necessarily a super bloody pad, could be just somewhat bloody.

well apparently i miss understood since english is my fourth language:0! i though the girls left their underpants somewhere and that filthy guys grabbed it :/

62. While it is wrong for a guy to be messing with their underwear, if they're skinny dipping I'm pretty sure she's somewhat comfortable with the guys.

So what if she's comfortable around guys? I'm not comfortable with any guys messing with my underwear.

Perhaps she prefers pads, has vaginismus, or otherwise doesn't like anything in her ******.

A little forethought goes a long way.

Sucks for them, it probably scared them to death

at that moment yell " I HAVE AIDS!!" and watch their reaction

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It's their fault for touching girls' underwear in the first place.

Skinny dipping while on your period? And why would you leave your bloody pad out where someone could have seen it? That one's on you.

Skinny dipping + leaving bloody pad out in the open. This is the kind of behaviour that brings shame to one's parents.

she didn't think that people were gonna fling it around

FYL. Maybe next time, don't go skinny dipping on your period, or use a tampon if you were planning to.

Rule #1 no skinny dipping, when it's that time of the month. And those guys are pervy.

Why not? Because boys might get freaked out by a little blood or a tampon string? That's the boy's problem.

Hopefully the guys didn't take note on who was wearing what underwear. FYL OP