He needs them more than you

By cjj325 - 20/03/2009 23:35 - United States

Today, I went skinny-dipping with my best friend. We were on the beach and it was fairly crowded but we got in the water at this really secluded area. While we were swimming I looked up to see a homeless man wearing my clothes, walking away. FML
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and he didn't take any of your friend's clothes?

yeah no...skinny dipping on the beach is fine. To those who think its gross, read a book. Fish shit in the ocean, and you think your bathing suit is a filter that prevents anything from getting in? I guess you never have had a sand in your trunks/suit.


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It would just be like swimming. The real question is why this homeless MAN could fit in this GIRLs clothes.

since he was homeless maybe he was skinny...idk just a guess but op how did u kno he was a homeless man

All of this is irrelevant. There isn't a beach in ILLINOIS! This is either post-dated, or OP is a female jumper.

It's not cool for a lot of reasons. Th Ed cleanliness of the water isn't one.

Why would you skinny-dip on the beach anyways, it's so dirty in there, kids like piss and shit in there lmfaoo, hope you had fun getting out of the pool naked. :P

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Why would u ask why there skinny dipping at the beach, then say have fun getting out of the pool? You're an idiot.

do you listen to yourself before you talk? how is she going to get out of a POOL when shes at the BEACH? Gtfo.

How did you know he was homeless stop stereotyping!!! and as the above posters said...... why skinny dip on the beach lol

Probably because he had dirt all over himself, and more importantly, was wearing her clothes.

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If he was wearing her clothes.. He was probably homeless... Or just liked her outfit!!

and he didn't take any of your friend's clothes?

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You deserved it for skinny dipping.

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@3 It could be the fact that he was wearing his clothes away LOL. Seriously though?? Skinny dipping on a fairly crowded beach... not a good idea IMO.

I agree with Plasma. It was probably a nude beach.

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you deserved it for skinny dipping on a crowed beach.