By georgehentson - 4/8/2021 20:01

Dumbass friends

Today, my friend thought it would be funny to post a sign at the deep end of the public swimming pool, saying, "This end topless only." When someone complained, he said that I did it, and I got banned from the pool for life. And fired, too - I was the lifeguard. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

Did you try the classic "It wasn't me" defense?

Hire a lawyer to try that gambit on your behalf and maybe sue for wrongful termination. If you've been enjoying looking at the topless women for a few weeks, then all bets are off and I hope it was worth it.

By  xxcutekatxx2  |  12

Should be ex-friend or co-worker as that's not what friends do. Why didn't you tell them it was your "friend" that did it? If they have cameras or know you both they should be able to work out who it was.